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“It’s a good reminder you just can’t show up on the field and have things go for you automatically. You have to earn it,” Manning said. “We got outplayed, we got out-performed, we got out-physical-ed.”

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Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gave a warm welcome to the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon on Monday, on the first day of Ban’s two-day trip to try and restart talks between Israel and the Palestinians.

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The NFL scheduling computer played a cruel trick on Ryan. Computers don’t have a heart, of course, but there had to be someone in the NFL office with compassion and veto power. How could any team be forced to play Manning on a Sunday at home and then Tom Brady on the road four days later?

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"These are all recommendations where you can change yourbehaviour as an individual," said Dr Joachim Schuez, who led theresearch at the WHO's France-based International Agency forResearch on Cancer (IARC).

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Parliamentary deputies, who had just passed anti-corruption laws and voted in a new defence minister in what was the last day of the current parliament before an election on Oct. 26, went into recess because of the disorder outside.

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Constitutional experts have balked at such a solution, insisting that it is asymmetrical because of the disproportionate size of England, whose executive would soon come to challenge the UK government. That may be; but it is the corollary of excluding England from the 1998 devolutionary settlement, and all the alternatives are convoluted and unfair. However, while this solution may retain the Union in name, unless it was very carefully structured it could also trigger the very constitutional stand-off its supporters wanted to avoid.

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As plumbing spread, bath houses closed; immigrants died or left the neighborhood. A few of the remaining baths picked up a gay clientele, but the advent of AIDS in the 1980s led to many of them shutting down.

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Former PM Gordon Brown says he believes there is "common ground" between political parties on the timetable for the delivery for further devolution, and also to which powers should be devolved.

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Doctors mean something different from the public when they talk about a disease being airborne. To them, it means that the disease-causing germs are so small they can live dry, floating in the air for extended periods, thus capable of traveling from person to person at a distance. When inhaled, airborne germs make their way deep into the lungs.

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“I’m not going to compromise a constitutional right provided here in Kentucky in order to curry favor on one or other side or for members of the media. I will protect that right for every Kentuckian,” she said.

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"My parents always really instilled in us: live each moment, be very positive. So color has many different meanings," said Burch, who notes that 100 percent of the proceeds from the book benefit the Tory Burch Foundation, which the designer established to help empower women through small business loans, mentoring and education.

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MacGregor studied German at Oxford, has a lifelong passion for German history and culture, and a keen sense of their role in what makes Europe tick. These are important matters, more than worthy of greater attention, and MacGregor’s commitment shines through in the radio series, which clearly announces itself as a personal view. In the exhibition, however, this sense of identification coupled with MacGregor’s weighty professional role lends the show an oddly official air, as though it were being bankrolled by the Goethe Institute. While there’s no evidence of any such involvement parts of the show have the worthily dated air of expo exhibition stands.

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When it came to waiting area facilties, ‘a clean, well-heated surgery, with adequate car parking, wheelchair accessible bathrooms and a spacious waiting room was deemed important or extremely important by the majority of respondents'.

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It has audiences roaring with laughter at the Theatre Royal Haymarket, but if the person beside you doesn't seem to be getting all the gags, it may be because the hacking scandal was not as big news in the United States as it was in Britain.

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Ending the government's relationship with the Waldorf could be problematic and expensive, according to officials who note that numerous studies conducted during both Republican and Democratic administrations have concluded that it is cost effective and convenient.

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Qanbar is a member of Maliki's tribe, while Ghaidan had long assisted Maliki in security operations, according to senior officers and Iraqi officials. The two men outranked Gharawi and automatically took formal charge of the Mosul command onJune 7.

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"He was hidden in Winchester and brought back to health by a Moorish nurse. He tried to raise an army in Germany but they weren't interested and he spent his life travelling as a pilgrim."

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"I suspect that if it was the other way round, you would have the nationalists putting out a press notice saying 'Why is David Cameron controlling everything? Doesn't he trust his ministers to do the job?'."

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"We've been doing a lot over the past few months, but clearly there is more to do," he said. "The notion of possibly transporting patients diagnosed with Ebola to these hospitals is not something that is out of the question and is something we may look into.”

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"It gives the kid a sense of security in the world, and the sense that the kid can regulate their lives, which I believe extends to their ability to regulate eating," she said. Parents also tended to serve as role models for healthy eating.

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-- Belgian telecoms group Telenet to acquire 50percent stake in Belgian broadcasting company De Vijver Media(notified Aug. 18/deadline extended to Feb. 5 from Sept. 22after the European Commission opened an in-depth probe)

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CUNY represents the best value in U.S. higher education. In an unforgiving economy where every dollar counts, the University’s cost of attendance is the exception to the sticker-shock tuition prevalent today. CUNY costs a fraction of what students pay at private institutions, and it beats most public universities, too.

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Riccardo Barbieri, chief European economist at Mizuho International, talks with Guy Johnson about Germany challenging European Central Bank President Mario Draghi’s bond-buying program in a European Union court and how it can impact the European economy

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If IndiGo's order were to include widebody aircraft such asthe Airbus A330, the airline would be able to take onfull-service carriers such as Jet Airways (India) Ltd,Air India, Emirates Airline and SingaporeAirlines Ltd by offering services of eight to ninehours.

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Banks have also been accused of misdeeds ranging from the attempted rigging of benchmark interest rates to the mis-selling of loan insurance, which alone has cost the industry 22 billion pounds in compensation.

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The National Federation of Independent Business said its Small Business Optimism Index fell 0.8 point to 95.3. The index is now five points below where it was before the start of the 2007-2009 financial crisis and recession.

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South African Finance Minister Nhlanhla Nene prepares his first budget presentation to parliament next week, needing to find a balance between capping spending, trimming the deficit and heeding calls from labor unions for less austerity


For players, too, because of the funnelling of money in to the sport, sevens is no longer a penniless jaunt, and a potential springboard to 15-a-side success. It is now, as Lee suggests, "a viable career option" having turned professional, with many performers offered centralised contracts.

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And yesterday she was spotted out and about with boyfriend Scott Disick in a very relaxed look of joggers, trainers and a super soft maternity top from Seraphine. A wrap style like this is perfect for a growing bump and accommodates your changing shape while making the most of your decolletage.

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The peace process with the Kurds is one of the main initiatives of President Tayyip Erdogan's decade in power, during which Turkey has enjoyed an economic boom underpinned by investor confidence in future stability.

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History tells us the opposite is true. At his best, Richard Branson looks like an ex-hippy with attitude. Gates, Jobs and the super-nerds of Silicon Valley who have changed our world would have been chased down a sidestreet and beaten to death by a pack of shiny-suited Apprentices had they accidentally wandered into the wrong after-work watering hole.

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And while Marina is unlikely to play a prominent, visible role in Aecio Neves's campaign, her endorsement is a big boost to his bid for the presidency and will add to the perception that, after 12 years of unbroken PT [Workers Party] rule, the rest of Brazil is ready for change.

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"In the meeting, Tamim basically wanted to tell the King that Qatar has met all the conditions that the King asked for and this should be enough to bring a formal end to the rift," said the Jeddah-based source.

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And he suggested the Government could be open to a constitutional convention to discuss the wider issues raised by greater devolution to the different nations of the Union, but not on the basis it would delay the immediate discussions and decisions.

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“According to our survey, over a quarter of us now enter a password online more than 10 times a day, which could mean 3,500 to 4,000 times a year. This is becoming a real challenge for employers who need to manage security and privacy concerns and for employees who are costing their companies time and money.”

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A respirator is worn to protect the wearer from a patient's coughs. According to guidelines from the medical charity Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF), the respirator should be put on second, right after donning the overalls.

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"On our estimates, and in our very conservative M&Ascenario, if Iliad pays 8 billion euros to acquire BouyguesTelecom, the deal would remain accretive to its shareholders -without taking into account the possible upside from marketrepair."

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He has survived having his soup laced with arsenic, as well as a suicide attack on his police station last year that killed 30 people. His family has paid a heavy price. In 2005, insurgents shot dead his brother, thinking it was him.

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While many students and residents last week strongly criticized Labbe's decision to cancel the season, the reaction on Monday, three days after details of the alleged attacks were made public, was more sober.

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There is Malcolm, a withered academic always going to produce a great translation of medieval Welsh poetry, and Peter, once a young Adonis, now fat and defeated, and Charlie, drinking too much and on the edge of mental breakdown. On the edge of the circle live the appalling Garth, master of the inane clichand the outsider Percy, seemingly the only one still at work, who prefers to read bad thrillers rather than indulge in intellectual conversation.

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Previous studies have suggested that the timing of an epidural can prolong labour and even increase the risk of needing a caesarean section. Researchers in Singapore decided to look into this further by analysing data relating to early and late epidurals.

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The team from the University of Dusseldorf said that their findings are ‘consistent with epidemiological studies, which have shown that psychological stress, in particular work-related stress, may be risk factors for new onset asthma'.

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Anyone reporting potential symptoms such as respiratory problems, high temperatures, or diarrhoea and vomiting, and who was at "high risk" of having been in contact with Ebola will then be immediately referred for assessment by ambulance staff wearing protective equipment, he added.

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LONDON, Oct 14 (Reuters) - Emerging stocks edged down onTuesday but held above 6-1/2-month lows on the prospect ofdelayed U.S. rate hikes, while shares and currencies in oilexporters fell as oil prices sank to their lowest in nearly fouryears.

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The ferry uses so-called “supercharging” technology – a rapid charging system which requires just 10 minutes to give the ship’s nickel metal hydride batteries enough juice to run for one hour at nine knots.

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A big reason for the new surge in deficiency claims,attorneys say, is that states like Florida have recently enactedlaws limiting the time financial institutions have to sue forthe debt after a foreclosure. In Florida, for example, financialinstitutions now only have a year after a foreclosure sale tosue - down from five.

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Finally, there is currency risk as well. Only one of the KraneShares funds hasexplicitly saidit will hedge currency, while the other fundsin their filingsdo not indicate currency hedgingand warn of the currency risks.The firms declined to comment on the specifics of the filings, as is typical before a fund's launch.While the yuan has been appreciating for years against the dollar, gaining 2.9 percentin 2013, it has shed 1.5 percent so far in 2014.


They are all dressed in the traditional plain white sari except for Annapurna, who is in blue. She is wearing a fashionable beaded necklace and shimmering pearl earrings whilst her friends have no jewellery at all.

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DLF's US$2.3bn IPO in 2007 was the largest Indian listing atthe time. The managers of DLF's 2007 IPO were the-then DSPMerrill Lynch, Kotak, Citigroup, Deutsche Bank, ICICISecurities, Lehman Brothers, UBS and SBI Capital Markets.

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‘Oh absolutely Like, “Take me away from home.” I remember saying, “Mommy, I never want this to end.” I loved playing a character as it was sort of just taking a vacation from myself.’

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“I think Iraq is in the last-chance saloon as a unitary state,” said Mr Hammond. “And it’s very clear the Kurds won’t sit around for another 10 years for another go at a unitary Iraq. So there is literally everything to play for.”

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It’s 20 courses in all, but each is well judged in terms of size - I didn’t feel fit to burst after the four-hour sitting (although I’d hate to know how many calories I consumed – they worked it out once but refused to tell me the figure). There were misses, but only due to my own personal tastes. I couldn’t bring myself to eat “all the prawn” – legs and all – while the final savoury, pigeon with a chocolate sauce, was too rich so late in the day.

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Cyprus make four changes from the side which lost 2-1 at home to Israel on Friday, with goalkeeper Tasos Kissas, full-back Charis Kyriakou, midfielder Marios Nikolaou and wideman Pieros Sotiriou all drafted in.

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CUNY represents the best value in U.S. higher education. In an unforgiving economy where every dollar counts, the University’s cost of attendance is the exception to the sticker-shock tuition prevalent today. CUNY costs a fraction of what students pay at private institutions, and it beats most public universities, too.

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A Reference 7121/1 yellow gold woman's wrist watch is displayed at the exhibition stand of Swiss watch manufacturer Patek Philippe at the Baselworld fair in Basel March 27, 2014.

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The IEA, which advises industrialised countries on energypolicy, cut its estimates for global oil demand growth by250,000 barrels per day (bpd) for this year and by 90,000 bpdfor 2015. It said demand for OPEC oil would be 200,000 bpd lowerfor both years.

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Fisher, though, has an all-time buffer in Jackson, a team president with cache and a massive contract. For a guy who has never coached a day in his life prior to this month, Fisher has two things going for him: Jackson and Carmelo Anthony.

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“I would not work at that hospital anymore,” Carpenter told the Daily News. “I wouldn’t be comfortable working in that environment...Who knows who she’s talked to or what kind of contact she’s had with other people.”

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A story in the official KCNA news agency on two publicappearances by Kim was dated Tuesday but also did not specify onwhich day he made the visits. It also did not mention Kim'shealth or lengthy absence from public view.

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Does the progress that appears to have been made so far, for example - concessions by the Iranians on the future of the Fordow enrichment facility and the Arak heavy-water reactor - merit some further relief on sanctions?

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"It was this confluence of men that have been impacted by this offense and this system in ways that people would never have guessed, many, many years ago, decades ago," Fisher said. "Phil's idea behind it was to show honor and respect for what Tex was able to do for him in his career, his coaching career and his life.

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This is a departure for JM Coetzee from his allegorical style. It is the story of David Lurie, an ageing English professor at a university in Cape Town, who has an affair with a more or less reluctant student and is charged with sexual harassment. He refuses to defend himself and resigns. He leaves Cape Town and goes to stay with his daughter who lives on a smallholding in the Eastern Cape, and does good works with animals as well as selling market produce in a nearby town.

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A few girls were able to escape their captors since the kidnapping, but despite promises from the Nigerian government that they all would be rescued, and offers of help from around the world, most are still missing.

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As it is, they’re fortunate they were carrying three catchers on their postseason roster, thinking A.J. Pierzynski could be used as a lefthanded pinch-hitter, or they surely would have had no choice but to replace Molina. Matheny didn’t downplay the potential loss of his catcher. “Part of being the kind of catcher that Yadi is,’’ he said, “some of the intangibles, it’s hard to put into metrics but the leadership, the insincts that he has ” you have a multiple Gold Glove catcher but it’s not just about blocking balls and throwing out baserunners.

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This Ryder Cup featured an unusual spate of second-guessing even before the match. Watson selected Webb Simpson with his final captain's pick, overlooking Chris Kirk who had just won a FedEx Cup playoff event. Billy Horschel went on to win the next two playoff events after the wild-card selections were announced.

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MADRID, SPAIN - OCTOBER 14: Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy speaks during a conference hosted by the Financial Times newspaper titled 'Restoring Competitiveness' at the Ritz hotel on October 14, 2014 in Madrid, Spain. Mr Rajoy has said that the calling off of the Catalan self-determination referendum was 'excellent news'. Later, Catalan leader Artur Mas, said in Barcelona that he would be going ahead with plans for an alternative self-determination referendum. (Photo by Denis Doyle/Getty Images)

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"As we welcome new and returning students to UCC, it is important to stress that we take their wellbeing, and our role in the local community, very seriously, as demonstrated by the variety of initiatives in place. I encourage students to enjoy their first week in UCC, but to also be respectful and mindful of those around them in the wider community, whilst also looking out for one another," commented UCC head of student experience, Dr Ian Pickup.

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Saudi Arabia is often described as the oil market's "swingproducer", a role which senior policymakers are said to dislikeafter the trauma of seeing exports shrivel from almost 10million barrels per day in 1980 to less than 3 million in 1985.

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The Cupertino firm has been long rumored to be tweaking and updating its redesigned MacBook Air which could come out with the much-sought after Retina display and certain quarters are saying this may be so, but Apple will not include the revitalized laptop in its roster of devices for the October media event.

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Palestinians have grown aggrieved by the increasing number of visits to the site by Orthodox Jews, a programme that is actively supported by Moshe Feiglin, an outspoken member of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's Likud party.

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Separately, Italy's strategic fund FSI will agree to investup to 1 billion euros together with China InvestmentCorporation, a sovereign wealth fund responsible for managingpart of China's foreign exchange reserves.

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Chancellor Angela Merkel’s pledge to forgo new borrowing next year for the first time since 1969 may be at risk after her government today cut its economic growth forecast on a declining outlook for German exports.

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According to the lead author of this study, Prof Michael Sharpe from the University of Oxford: "The huge benefit that DCPC delivers for patients with cancer and depression shows what we can achieve for patients if we take as much care with the treatment of their depression as we do with the treatment of their cancer."

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As such William Hague, who has been charged by the Prime Minister with handling the issue, has give Labour until November 30 to agree a shared plan. Otherwise the Conservatives will draw up their own proposals and put them before the Commons.

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"We hope this schools programme will make everyone involved aware of the practical day to day challenges people with autism face in school. We want to start a discussion between parents, teachers and students on how we can build a more inclusive and supportive environment for those on the autism spectrum," commented AsIAm CEO and founder, Adam Harris.

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Subsequent to this, she added a number of calls had been placed to local organisations and community representatives in Londonderry claiming that there had been a bomb left at the address in Ballyarnett Village.

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Concerns over the health of overseas economies continued inthe wake of last week's weak German economic data and theInternational Monetary Fund's cut to its global growth forecast,and strengthened the euro and Japanese yen against the dollar.

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The cyber-espionage attacks - which experts suggest are likely to be backed by the Russian government - uses a previously unknown zero-day exploit in Windows to sneak into a range of secure networks. The group behind the attacks have been dubbed 'Sandworm' (after the monster of the same name in the Dune sci-fi novels) by iSight Partners, the security firm that discovered the bug. iSight believes the flaw may have been exploited over the past five years

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Shopping at out-of-town stores has been hurt worldwide byhigh fuel prices and a trend, first seen in the groceryindustry, towards consumers making smaller, more frequentpurchases closer to home due to tight household budgets.

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Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, in comments published Sunday, said Incirlik was already being used for reconnaissance purposes in Iraq and said its use for wider operations would depend on whether Turkey's demands for a no-fly zone and a safe zone in Syria are met.

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On Tuesday, about 40 young activists waved red flags and yelled "U.S. troops out now," in a protest that ended with the burning of a mock American flag at the heavily secured U.S. Embassy. Riot police stopped them from getting close to the heavily fortified seaside compound.

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“I think, obviously, with everything that goes on with the media, a lot of things are, I would say, miscommunicated, and then it just gets misprinted and then misunderstood,” Smith said on a conference call with the Boston media Monday.

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Appearing to use a strategy of gradually chipping away at the three main protest zones, hundreds of police fanned out in the early hours to take down barriers that the protesters had erected overnight. Officers used electric saws and bolt cutters to take down bamboo scaffolding built in the Admiralty area after a mob of masked men stormed some of the barricades the day before.

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The WWT has said earlier this year scientists identified 30 alien/foreign species of the most danger to Britain’s wildlife with the quagga mussel scoring the maximum threat in all three ranking categories of danger.

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Obama’s progressive-style opposition to the travel ban may become a problem for Democrats during the remaining three weeks of the 2014 campaign, especially if more Americans are infected with the deadly disease.

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Grimes said the 7,000 job losses came during McConnell's watch, and added he should have done more to build coalitions to stop President Barack Obama's energy policies that have curbed carbon emissions and made it more difficult to build new coal-fired power plants.

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Former PM Gordon Brown says he believes there is "common ground" between political parties on the timetable for the delivery for further devolution, and also to which powers should be devolved.

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Because Boris has a point: liquid lunches – now much-maligned in this PC world as the stuff of dinosaurs – can have an extremely positive effect on productivity, and history proves it.

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"This actually has enormous implications for that model and for what triggers climate change," said study co-author Alan Condron, an oceanographer at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.

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Most Britons coming up to retirement have some form ofwork-related pension, but for those without savings, the statepension and associated benefits of around 150 pounds ($240) aweek is less than a third of average weekly earnings.

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Speaking to a crowd of industry figures under the title "free music in a capitalist society", Pop said his had met executives in his early career who were "very tough people", with record companies which "kept complaining that I wasn't making them any money".

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Zerban said climate change is serious and man-made. He also said it's an opportunity for Americans to invest in renewable energy that produces fewer greenhouse gas emissions, which scientists blame for climate change.

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"We found that emotional, behavioural and substance use problems are 2.6 to 4.5 times more common among victims of cyberbullying. And these impacts are not due to face-to-face bullying, they are specific to cyberbullying," noted Prof Frank Elgar of McGill University.

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Desertec said on Tuesday that following a meeting in Romethis week only three of its 19 existing shareholders had decidedto stay on board: Saudi Arabia's ACWA Power IPO-ACWA.SE,Germany's RWE and China's State Grid.

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As a society, we are at a pivotal moment we can choose to work to reduce our consumption of carbon-based energy and prevent further damage or simply ignore the wealth of evidence that compels us to do otherwise.

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Missing from Hodgson’s answer was not dishonesty, but tact, foresight, diplomacy and a huge dose of common sense. What might have prompted a chuckle if he’d proved a good Liverpool manager became more serious for him because this trend for misjudging his audience would pollute his brief reign at Anfield. The list of inappropriate, alienating remarks can be easily traced with the use of a well-known search engine.

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The Commission made a number of proposals on ensuring that laws affecting England get the support of a majority of MPs for English constituencies, including a select committee dedicated to devolution.

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Q: You've taken on the hacking trial. There are certain celebrities that sell themselves to the press and there are also celebrity bloggers who are untrained journalists. What's your take on that, because people's personal lives are still invaded?

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The real key to investing in stocks is to remember that you shouldn't be investing only in stocks. Rather, you want to create a portfolio of stocks and bonds that reflects the amount of risk you can stomach and the returns you'll need to achieve your goals.

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When successful, egg freezing allows women to put their fertility on ice, so to speak, until they’re ready to become parents. But the procedure comes at a steep price: Costs typically add up to at least $10,000 for every round, plus $500 or more annually for storage.

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An angry crowd of several hundred people then descended on the scene, rushing up to the barricades and attempting to storm the protest zone. They punched their fists in the air and chanted "Open the road" About a dozen taxi drivers joined in, driving their cabs up to the barricades and leaning on their horns to express their anger over the traffic disruptions.

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"Due to globalisation and increased travel and freight transport, the rate of colonisation of invasive species into Britain from the Netherlands keeps accelerating - posing a serious threat to the conservation of British aquatic ecosystems," said co-author Dr Belinda Gallardo, now based at the Doana Biological Station in Spain.

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These include "drill rigs" and "roof bolters" that willreplace the human rock drillers, whose jackhammers grind intothe earth to insert explosives for blasting or safety bolts forunderground roof support.

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A: For dried mushrooms, you shouldn't accept a bag of brokenmushrooms because you never know what the quality was. Make sureyou see actual whole pieces of the mushroom or slices, so youcan make sure they weren't worm-eaten, nasty mushrooms when theywere dried. For fresh, same thing. You want to make sure they'renot moldy, not slimy, not completely dried out - the same thingsyou would look for in produce.

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Craning my neck, I tried to take in the enormity of the Gherkin (or 30 St Mary Axe, if you want to be formal about it), soaring some 38 floors above me. Looking up anxiously, I could just make out its distinctive sharpened top of the City of London's second tallest building.

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The strikes in Iraq were followed in September by the first U.S.-led airstrikes in Syria, where the Islamic State group has captured much of the country's east, declaring a self-styled caliphate on the territory under its control straddling the Iraqi-Syria border.

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When Tom Coughlin was interviewed coming off the field after a calamitous first half, he said, “These aren’t the ’85 Bears we’re playing out here.” They weren’t the ’86 Giants, either. And on top of everything else, they lost Victor Cruz for the season with a torn patellar tendon in his right knee. Only the loss of Eli Manning could hurt them more.

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The coach said something about Winters, who has allowed a league-high 12 quarterback hurries, according to Pro Football Focus, fifth-rounder Oday Aboushi and seventh-rounder Tommy Bohanon, but it was impossible to take him seriously by that point.

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Those must be rebuilt, mechanics must be retrained, and it will likely be six months (into mid-April) before Cruz can attempt to run again, let alone make the cuts and jukes that left cornerbacks grasping at air.

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"We have a population where there is natural growth," he said, adding: "Why is it out of the question that in a future Palestinian state, that Jews should not be able to live there side-by-side with their Palestinian neighbours?"

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The only rookie coach who has it better is Steve Kerr. Jackson’s top choice to coach the Knicks inherited a playoff team in Golden State featuring the NBA’s best backcourt, Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson.

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That means making some kind of compromise on the progression-in-the-job element. These can be extremely lucrative - for senior nurses and midwives they are worth 10,000 - so understandably staff are unwilling to give them up.

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T-Mobile has been searching for a buyer with access to U.S. spectrum licenses and an American customer base, Jefferies analyst MikeMcCormack said in an analyst note after meeting with T-Mobile's investor relations team last month.

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Harry Potter lookalike Tom Pellerau initially kept a low profile after winning The Apprentice in 2011. But since 2012 the quirky businessman has unleashed two inventions on the world, both of which Lord Sugar has invested in. The first was a product called The Stylfile Collection, which is essentially a curved "S" shape nail file. The second, out last year, was the Nipper Clipper, a safe nail-clipper for babies.

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Have a look at Strasbourg, Nice, Montpellier, Bordeaux or Lyon. I’ve been in all five in recent weeks. The centres are splendidly preserved, renewed where necessary (Lyon’s Confluence district, Bordeaux’s riverside, Nice’s Promenade du Paillon), mainly clean-ish, and lively as you like, with real shops, bars and restaurants. I don’t recall seeing any charity outlets or Poundland equivalents or much in the way of kebab bars. And – key point – people still live in these centres, all sorts of people, from barristers to engineers to everybody else. So of course they, the centres, feel rounded and entire.

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I was born in Managua, Nicaragua. My parents divorced when I was ten-years-old. My mother found herself single, without a profession and with three small children to care for. I witnessed her being discriminated against because of her gender and status.