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When the investigation was unveiled more than four yearsago, Dexia Crediop said it had not underwritten any derivativeoperations with the Apulia region and that it had adoptedrequired organisational measures since 2003.

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At the recent United Nations summit in New York, the U.S. and Iran agreed on two things: The Islamic State is a menace to Iraq, Syria and the region. Talks to halt Iran’s rogue nuclear program have stalled; prospects for a deal by the Nov. 24 deadline are dim.

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Tuesday's profit warning is the latest blow for the British luxury brand, which has been beset by problems this year, issuing a number of profit warnings, partly because of a failed move by the company's former management to move the handbag maker upmarket, and tough competition from new designers.

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The regulator said that 30 percent of the amount would becashed in this year, after the deal was signed. The state wouldget the rest of the amount in February or in annual installmentsover the next two years, it said. (Reporting by Angeliki Koutantou, Writing by Renee Maltezou;Editing by Angus MacSwan)

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According to our sources, the German government will cut its economic growth forecasts for this year and next to around 1.25 percent, down from earlier predictions of 1.8 and 2.0 percent respectively. That would be below the IMF’s newly downgraded estimates and in line with fresh forecasts from Germany’s leading economic institutes.

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Tirole himself was cautious on the economic prospects of his country, where unemployment is stuck at around 10 percent and whose leaders last month broke the latest in a series of promises to bring public lending to within EU limits.

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More money will inevitably be needed for health as the impact of an ageing population and ever-rising expectations is felt. But as Jeremy Hunt, the Health Secretary, said yesterday, a 1 per cent pay rise for all health-care workers on top of the increments already being paid would cost 600 million, and could force hospitals to lay off 14,000 nurses. Since there will need to be a shift away from a reliance on hospital-based treatment and greater investment in community-based care, the unions could usefully put their energy into helping map out a long-term and sustainable future for the NHS.

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The team from the University of Dusseldorf said that their findings are ‘consistent with epidemiological studies, which have shown that psychological stress, in particular work-related stress, may be risk factors for new onset asthma'.

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As it stands, Evans projects the economy won't hit the Fed's full-employment and two percent inflation goals for up to three years, during which the Fed could leave interest rates at stimulative levels while cautiously inching them higher.

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A group of Russian hackers has exploited a flaw in Microsoft's Windows operating system to spy on national security targets, including NATO and the Ukrainian government, according to a report by a cybersecurity firm.

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An idea emerged from the meeting: start a cohort in pregnancy, and monitor the psychological and social side, as well as the physical and medical. The WHO gave the researchers $5,000 to run pilot studies in Russia, Greece and the UK. Jean remembers there being a huge amount of scepticism among the researchers involved that you could simply ask mothers for information and expect it to be accurate. These pilot studies helped Jean and her colleagues to discover what was feasible, and what wasn’t. When they compared the answers the mothers gave to those taken from their medical records, it showed that they knew their own records very well.

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The exploit has been used as part of a five-year cyberespionage campaign, according to iSight. The hackers, dubbed the "Sandworm team" -- based on coded references to the science fiction series Dune -- have beenmonitored by iSight from late 2013 to the present day, although the campaign appears to have been in action since 2009. Spear phishing with malicious files attached is one of the favored methods of infiltrating computer systems, and other exploit methods include the use of BlackEnergy crimeware, as well as Microsoft's Windows zero-day flaw.

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The BBC last dramatised Cider With Rosie in 1971, and ITV did it in 1998. The new film is part of a series adapting 20th century literary classics. The others are The Go-Between, Lady Chatterley’s Lover and An Inspector Calls.

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Spurred by the cutoff, New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman drew on criminal and civil forfeiture accounts, which could have been used for other important purposes, to provide $2.8 million to buy 8,030 vests. The NYPD got 2,402 vests from a grant of about $700,000.

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No virus that causes disease in humans has ever been known to mutate to change its mode of transmission. This means it is highly unlikely that Ebola has mutated to become airborne. It is, however, droplet-borne — and the distinction between the two is crucial.

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"Sebi governs public issues and listed bond offerings [evenif done as private placements]. If any of DLF's future dealsfall in these two categories, the deals won't happen at allduring the ban period," said a source aware of the situation.

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Fixed-asset investment, a crucial driver of the world'ssecond-biggest economy that contributed to half of last year'sgrowth, has sagged this year as a cooling manufacturing sectorand the softening housing market discouraged spending.

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However, during the referendum on independence, the ‘Yes’ side used the spoken word as its chosen weapon in a ‘grass roots’ campaign that gave the opposition a real run for their money, despite being pipped at the post.

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A 1953 photograph of Abbot Hall revealed an outdoor dancefloor in front, where there is now an oval-shaped lawn. People used to celebrate on the dancefloor during events such as VJ Day at the end of the war or the Queen's coronation, explains Quinn.

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"Matt Prior is nothing but a team man and nothing but positive. In my reports about Matt over the years, I considered him the glue of the side and a brilliant batsman who could adapt his game to suit any situation. He was also a world-class wicket-keeper, one of several world-class players we've had over the past few years"

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British homeowners spend longer watching an episode of Coronation Street or choosing a new pair of jeans than deliberating over a new house, according to a consumer survey by housebuilder, Barratt Homes.

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PARIS, Oct 14 (Reuters) - Henri Proglio, the pro-nuclearboss of French state utility EDF, will likely clear afirst hurdle on Thursday in his campaign for a new mandate, butit is not certain he will end up in full control, government andindustry sources said.

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If you have $3,650, you’re among the wealthiest half of people in the world, according to Credit Suisse's new report on global wealth. In numbers and charts, we break down the need-to-know stats

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"Even the routine of wearing a riding hat in order to ride can be beneficial. The simple aim of the therapy is to teach children to sit quietly and kindly on their donkey and enjoy the ride whilst taking part in exercises that encourage listening and following, colour recognition, counting and making choices. In addition if the children are receptive, basic riding skills such as mounting, dismounting and holding the reins are taught.”


Citing a lack of necessary drugs and the need for additional training of corrections employees after a botched execution in April, Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt wants to delay three upcoming executions scheduled to take place by the end of the year.

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Had the Cheney administration not arbitrarily invaded Iraq and toppled its government AND eviscerated its military — not to mention installing a weak puppet government — Iraq would have most likely been able to repel this invasion.

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He had been making the film for Al Jazeera and added his colleague had been given a phone number and said: "I think it was a number he could call if he had any problems. But I didn't get given anything.

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The Dabiq article does not specifically say women are being sold for sex, but it says taking a maid as a concubine helps men avoid the sin of adultery, or of being alone with an unrelated woman.

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In the play, The Free Press, acting on phone-hacking evidence, falsely fingers a father for the disappearance of his twin girls. After he is murdered in prison, the girls' actual murderer is found and The Free Press goes from hero to zero.

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BERLIN - In new book "Is Europe Failing", former Germanforeign minister Joschka Fischer blames Angela Merkel forsetting Europe on a perilous path of "renationalisation" thatrisks tearing the bloc apart in the years to come.(GERMANY-EUROPE/FISCHER (INTERVIEW, PICTURE), moved, by NoahBarkin, 800 words)

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Families buying properties in this price band in Edinburgh will pay 6.1 million more per year when the levy replaces Stamp Duty next April, according to the firm’s calculations.

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Dr Latham noted that a study published earlier this year in The Lancet medical journal, of worldwide and national prevalence of overweight and obesity between 1980 and 2013, showed that 26% of Irish girls up to the age of 20 are overweight or obese. The figure for boys is 16%.

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E-cigarettes are battery-powered devices designed to supply nicotine through inhaled water vapour. They are currently at the centre of a major debate, with some people stating that they can help smokers to quit the habit and others insisting that they are potentially harmful to health.

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Franceschini, who is pressing for more public and private funds to sustain the floating city of Venice and the fragile Uffizi gallery in Florence, said accepting works of art as tax payments would allow the state to achieve a "double objective".

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The U.S. Federal Reserve is expected to wind up its bondbuying scheme later this month - another reason for investors tobe cautious on stocks as the completion of the Fed's twoprevious quantitative easing programmes triggered a majorcorrection in Wall Street shares.

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The Hamilton, Bermuda-headquartered company said Barnes, whohas been CEO since January 2011, resigned as he wanted "torelocate nearer to his family and pursue opportunities closer tohis home in Dallas" Texas.

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Nickel laterite ore is found mostly in Indonesia, thePhilippines and New Caledonia, and has been increasinglymanufactured into NPI by stainless steel mills as a cut pricealternative to refined nickel.

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Jackson was a featured speaker at The New Yorker Festival at the SVA theater on W. 23d St. It was “Zen Unplugged” as the moderator, New Yorker staff writer Ben McGrath, asked Jackson questions for 90 minutes on a variety of topics ranging from Spike Lee’s basketball acumen, coaching Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant to whether he would advise Carmelo Anthony to follow his lead and experiment with LSD.

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Chinese stocks sagged on the gloomy global outlookbut Thai and Turkish shares - both countriesare both big oil importers - gained 0.6 and 0.2 percentrespectively as crude prices hit near 4-year lows.

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Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said the Turkish military had retaliated against a PKK attack in the border area. "Yesterday there was very serious harassing fire around the Daglica military outpost. Naturally it is impossible for us to tolerate this. Hence the Turkish armed forces took the necessary measures," he told a news conference, without referring specifically to air strikes.

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When Diary asked Occupy for its message for the shale brigade when the expected 1,000-plus activists decamp to London’s Parliament Square from Friday, its manifesto was initially rather crude: “Frack off.”

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Backbencher John Redwood has suggested moves to give English MPs - the majority of which are currently Conservative - the final say over income tax rates in England could be passed without the support of either the Labour or Lib Dem leadership.

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I've no idea where he got those clothes from, but at least he dressed like his own man. A defining feature of the big business beasts – the ones known globally by their surnames alone – is their determination to be themselves, to be unique, to be different. It's all part of standing out from the crowd. One look at the Apprentice tells you that it's built on the premise that to get on in life you have to fit in and that it doesn't pay to be yourself.

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Ireland’s Finance Minister Michael Noonan is set to unveil next year’s budget today as the economy recovers and the nation looks to end the era of austerity. The budget may also include measures to tighten Ireland’s corporate tax system that has come under international scrutiny. Bloomberg’s Dara Doyle reports on “The Pulse.”

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"He was a brilliant player for England with an exceptional record and the management were giving him maximum support to try to get him into the right shape for the first Test. We were going to stand by Trott due to his record and he wanted to play."

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The quake struck 42 miles (67 km) west-southwest of Jiquilillo in Nicaragua and 174 km southeast of San Salvador, the U.S. Geological Survey said. It said the quake hit at a depth of about 25 miles (40 km).

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Given that oil is currently in what analysts including JBCEnergy call the biggest bear market since 2009, it's likely tobe the most interesting meeting in a while - particularly if, asseveral OPEC watchers suggest, its biggest exporter Saudi Arabiais less willing to cut production than in the past.

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There's also nothing particularly unusual about North Korean leaders laying low for extended periods. Kim's late father, Kim Jong Il, no fan of the limelight in his later years, would disappear at times; Kim Jong Un, who seems to genuinely like being at the center of things, took off without a word for three weeks in 2012.

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Troy Cawvey, 25, and his 27-year-old girlfriend Amber Whitford face 52 counts apiece of felony child sex abuse and other charges over accusations of abusing the teen over at least 10 nights this summer, said Multnomah County Deputy District Attorney Christine Mascal.

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Appointed in 2009 by conservative President Nicolas Sarkozy,the power group's chairman and chief executive has repeatedlyspoken out against President Francois Hollande's 2012 electionpromise to cap nuclear power and save energy. It was widelyexpected he would go when Hollande took power.

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“Let me now posit this,” he intones, “‘dignity’ has to do crucially with a butler’s ability not to abandon the professional being he inhabits.” He believes simultaneously in “loyalty intelligently bestowed” and in the powerlessness of an employee intelligently to judge. He is an arch-victim of the snobbery of the humble.

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"I am also removing the capital gains tax relief Iintroduced to incentivise the purchase of property between the7th of December 2011 and the end of 2014. It has achieved itsobjective of increasing property transactions and is no longerneeded."

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The Paris-based International Energy Agency said in its closely watched monthly oil market report that the world will need to 200,000 barrels per day (bpd) less oil this year than it had originally thought because of weaker global growth.

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The party’s position is for a constitutional convention to be held after the 2015 general election. However there has been criticism in among some English Labour MPs, with Charles Clarke, the former home secretary, calling the plans "hopeless" and others saying it is an attempt to kick the issue into the long grass.

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"When you have a team meeting, apart from the tactics and opposition, generally the gist of it is about not letting your team and team mates down in the match. It stresses the team's unity of purpose.

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One place where New York might derive some inspiration for accomplishing that is Chicago. The 2014 Columbus Day celebration there pays tribute to the Italians who safeguarded and sheltered Jews from Nazi Germany’s final solution.

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Tirole is the second French economist to make headlines this year. Thomas Piketty gained global fame with his best-seller, "Capital in the 21st Century," in which he used 300 years of data to document a widening gap between rich and poor. Piketty's book was based on research he conducted with his countryman Emmanuel Saez.

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The current Ebola outbreak is the worst on record and has killed more than 4,000 people, mostly in West Africa's Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea. Duncan, a Liberian, was exposed to Ebola in his home country and developed the disease while visiting the United States.

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It is time for Frieden and Obama to admit they don’t know what they’re dealing with and ban all flight from Ebola countries to save US citizens and US nurses. I didn’t vote for Obama and think I was signing a death sentence to Americans. Flights with supplies and workers can be chartered by charities, NGOs, CDC, NIH and other countries. Anyone who chooses to come here should be quarantined for 25 days. The screenings are a joke. If a virus is barely detectable during the incubation period, how can questions and a temperature at the airport detect it? Smarten up and put American citizens first for a change. We are your employers.