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Without them, the three colours could not be mixed to produce the white light we now see in LED-based computer and TV screens. Furthermore, the high-energy blue light could be used to excite phosphorus and directly produce white light - the basis of the next generation of light bulb.

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Epidiolex has been tested in 151 patients across America after the US medicines regulator granted British drug maker GW Pharmaceuticals special permission to supply it to children in particular hospitals. However the company has only seen the results in 58 of these patients since data on the remaining children has not yet been released by the doctors.

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Eleven GPs were involved and each took a simple 30-minute elearning module designed by the Irish College of General Practitioners (ICGP), which contained relevant information, such as how to use the correct weighing technique, as well as several video consultations related to checking the weight of children.

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Charles Evans, President and CEO, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, takes part in a panel discussion titled ''Twist and Shout: The Limits of U.S. Monetary Policy'' at the Milken Institute Global Conference in Beverly Hills, California May 1, 2012.

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Judge Thokosile Masipa - who rejected a murder verdict last month in favour of the lesser charge of culpable homicide - has wide discretion either to put the athlete in jail for years, to give him a suspended sentence or no sentence at all, to fine him, give him a form of house arrest, or community service, or some combination of the above.

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Until December last year, annual consumer price inflation had exceeded the BoE's 2 percent target every month since December 2009, eroding the spending power of households and making falling living standards a big political issue ahead of next year's national election.

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A scary porcelain doll is the lead character in "Annabelle," which is a spin-off from 2013 horror hit "The Conjuring." The movie from Warner Bros has grossed $62.2 million since it hit theaters on Oct. 3.

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Gonzalo is the seventh named storm of the 2014 Atlantic hurricane season. In August, forecasters downgraded their outlook for the season, predicting below-normal activity with seven to 12 named storms and no more than two reaching major hurricane status.

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The last time the Rangers had played at the Garden, they staved off elimination with a 1-0 victory over the Kings in Game 4 of the Finals. Lundqvist was in goal then, too, visibly sturdier. The Rangers are short on defensemen right now, with the injury to Dan Boyle, and short on centers, with the injury to Derek Stepan.

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Gardner said the CDC had funded jazzercise classes and massage. He and Tillis are among the Republicans calling for a ban on flights from West African nations afflicted by Ebola. On Monday, Gardner's campaign noted that Udall had also voted to cut the CDC's budget.

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But something happened that meant Fern had to be sent away, and the mystery of what happened exactly is the hook that pulls the reader into this novel long before we realise that Fern is a chimp. That revelation comes about a third of the way in, by which time the novel has already established both the sisterly bond between the two Cooke girls and the eerie feeling that something’s a bit off between (or maybe about) them.

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"This survey is a timely reminder that viewers in Shanghai or Seattle are just as likely to be talking about great British shows... as commentators here are to be talking about the latest US TV blockbuster."

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I don’t think so. Do you remember Ricky Martin, who won it two years ago? When he started the process he was, in his words, “the reflection of perfection”. He was a professional wrestler, you know, a really in-your-face-type character. And you saw him start to realise actually, it was quite ridiculous to portray yourself in that way. He started to listen to the comments that he got in the boardroom and he really reined that back in. Lord Sugar was just saying that it’s the people who listen who are more likely to win.