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Vienna Airport has been considering building a third runwayto expand capacity. It is the home of the Lufthansa subsidiary Austrian Airlines, which last week broke a longlabour logjam over collective wage agreements.

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"They violently forced their way in," Ontiveros said. "They asked for Atilano. The receptionist said he was there and said if they waited, she would tell him they wanted to see him," Ontiveros said. "But they pushed open the door and forced their way in to the studios."

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"Costs were very high and some companies said we're not thatinterested in the Middle East and North Africa," Desertec ChiefExecutive Paul van Son told journalists, trying to explain whyso many shareholders had left.

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I always try to look smart on TV I like going to a tailors in Waterloo called Dressed 2 Kill, so I like to pick up a tie or two from there. Though I prefer a plain tie to a novelty one. If it’s plain you can get away with repeat wearings

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At2:30 a.m. on June 6, Gharawi and his men returned to their operations room after an inspection of checkpoints in the city of two million. At that moment, convoys of pickup trucks were advancing from the west, driving across the desert that straddles Iraq's border with Syria. Each vehicle held up to four IS fighters. The convoys shot their way through the two-man checkpoints into the city.

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TOKYO, Oct 14 (Reuters) - The dollar rebounded modestlyagainst the yen and euro on Tuesday following steep fallsovernight, although risk aversion amid the fall in globalequities and uncertainty on the timing of Federal Reserveinterest rate hikes put a firm cap on the currency.

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Mitt Romney, who has managed to garner almost as much 2016 buzz as Hillary Clinton despite being far-less-obviously planning on running, was in Iowa on Monday to help bolster the Senate campaign of Joni Ernst (R). The Post's Philip Rucker was there covering the event and quickly discovered Romney was on his flight.

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There is something uncomfortable about a list like this. On the one hand, perpetuating such attitudes only enforces crude gender stereotypes. On the other, it is hard to read the list without at least the occasional smile of recognition.

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When current Knicks assistant Jim Cleamons tried running it in Dallas with inferior talent, he lasted 98 games with the Mavericks and lost 70. Another Knicks assistant coach, Kurt Rambis, had the same talent issues in Minnesota and won just 32 of 164 games.

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"The Corporate & Investment Bank saw strong performance infees, maintaining a #1 position in global (investment banking)fees year to date, with particular strength in equity capitalmarkets," Chief Executive Jamie Dimon said in a statement.

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"The Arizona law impedes physician discretion and contravenes medical ethics by outlawing the safest, most effective method of medical abortion and relegating women to an outdated, inferior treatment," American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and the American Medical Association said in a statement. "There is no question that the Arizona law confers significant risk and no benefit to women’s health."

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Qik was built from a small team of designers, and having had the chance to take it for a spin ourselves we can tell you that we really liked the lightweight feel of the app. Setting up an account is easy - you don't even create a profile - and once you're done you're met with a homescreen based entirely of your active chats.

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The National Federation of Independent Business said its Small Business Optimism Index fell 0.8 point to 95.3. The index is now five points below where it was before the start of the 2007-2009 financial crisis and recession.

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The price at which these properties are sold depends on the age of the current occupants; the younger they are the larger the discount will be as, statistically speaking, it should be longer before buyers will see a return on their initial investment.

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"For three years the team that runs Areva has sold assets,redirected its investment policy, and done some significant costsavings, a billion euros worth, and we will do more. We havedone all that so that we don't need a capital increase," he toldBFM Business Radio.

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"It was the whole Row 14 on all sides, from the floor to the ceiling," said Wilson, who was seated in the row right behind and felt a change in cabin pressure. "It sounded like it was popping and banging so loud at first I thought stuff was coming out of the overhead compartments."

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Speaking on the Today programme, Professor Andrew Parker, who led the research, explained that butterflies produce their wing colours using "completely transparent materials that reflects and refracts light in certain ways."

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Women who have to undergo chemotherapy or radiotherapy while pregnant should be reassured by new research, which indicates that these cancer treatments do not affect a child's mental or cardiac development.

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The 30-second ad begins with a shot of an empty wheelchair. It criticizes the state attorney general for receiving millions from a 1984 lawsuit after a falling tree crushed his spine, then working to limit the legal rights of other victims.

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Monday’s lawsuit argues the agency acted illegally by ignoring the best available science on wolverines after some of its own scientists said protections were needed. Attorneys for Earthjustice representing eight wildlife advocacy groups filed the complaint in U.S. District Court in Missoula.

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“I’ve had the ”diva’ stamp, too," added the “Burnin’ Up” singer at the launch of the William Rast collection at Lord & Taylor, “and there’s a very fine line between diva and survivor. A passion is something that can be mistaken for (being) difficult. And people can’t handle that.

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"I think it will be particularly fascinating to see the paintings, drawings and prints displayed together. I don't think Rembrandt saw them as three completely separate disciplines. Some of what he tried to achieve in printmaking must have been influenced by what he was able to do in painting: how could he achieve the same effects with an etching needle, monochrome paper and ink."

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Both Thomson Reuters and EBS, among the industry's biggesttrading platforms, had already reported surges in volumes in thepast month to reflect fully a recovery in market volatilityfuelled by politics, the dollar's rally and monetary policydivergence between the United States and Europe.

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Airline stocks, meanwhile, were hit hard in a broad-marketselloff on growing fears of the outbreak that has taken morethan 4,000 lives, mostly in West Africa's Liberia, Sierra Leoneand Guinea. The S&P 500 lost 1.7 percent on Monday.

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ASIA'S DAY: Shares were mixed after a strong start. Japan's Nikkei 225 fell 2.4 percent to 14,936.51 after Tokyo was closed for a holiday Monday. Hong Kong's Hang Seng fell back after a morning rally, closing down 0.4 percent at 23,047.97. South Korea's Kospi gained 0.1 percent to 1,929.25 and Australia's S&P/ASX 200 added 1.0 percent to 5,207.40. Markets in Southeast Asia were mixed, while China's Shanghai Composite Index lost 0.3 percent to 2,359.47.

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Like many Latinos who excel in the kitchen, Nelly took inspiration for her dishes from what she learned as a young girl in the kitchen with her grandmother. Some of her delicious dishes can be traced back to the Inca civilization, like the Escaveche, which the Incas used medicinally for respiratory ailments.

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Several dozen protesters - many of them ministers and activists from out of town - were arrested in the pouring rain in civil disobedience acts in Ferguson, the suburb where Michael Brown, 18, was shot dead.

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“The guy was covered in rashes, all over his legs and chest, he had big red bumps all over his face,” Jordan, 57, told the Daily News. “Thank God I didn’t make any contact with them. His face had red spots all over it. He said, ”I can hardly breathe.’ ”


The heavy-duty villainry, however, comes in the form of Kidman as an unethical employee of the Natural History Museum who has Paddington in her sights - "so you know where the plot is heading", Bonneville said.

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One of Iran's chief negotiators, deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Araqchi, last week raised the possibility that the talks could be extended. But a U.S. State Department official said Washington believed there was still time to reach a comprehensive solution by the target date.

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China's central bank moved again on Tuesday as part of itsongoing efforts to keep market interest rates relatively low toencourage more borrowing. The People's Bank of China lowered theyield at its bond repurchase agreement auctions for the secondtime since July. (1 US dollar = 6.1236 Chinese yuan) (Reporting by Kevin Yao; Editing by Shri Navaratnam & KimCoghill)

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Then in late September, U.S.-led airstrikes hit Islamic State forces in Rabia. The Kurdish YPG troops timed their counterattack perfectly. Reeling from the combined aerial and ground assault, the militants fell back. The Kurds liberated Rabia.

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1 (1) Gone Girl..............................$ 26.8 million2 (*) Dracula Untold.........................$ 23.5 million3 (*) Alexander............................. $ 19.1 million4 (2) Annabelle..............................$ 16.4 million5 (*) The Judge..............................$ 13.3 million6 (3) The Equalizer..........................$ 9.7 million7 (*) Addicted...............................$ 7.6 million8 (5) The Maze Runner........................$ 7.5 million9 (4) The Boxtrolls..........................$ 6.7 million10 (*) Meet the Mormons.......................$ 3.0 millionLast week's rank in parentheses. (*) = new releaseCUMULATIVE TOTALSThe Maze Runner...............................$ 83.8 millionThe Equalizer.................................$ 79.9 millionGone Girl.....................................$ 78.3 millionAnnabelle.....................................$ 62.2 millionThe Boxtrolls.................................$ 41.0 millionDracula Untold................................$ 23.5 millionAlexander.....................................$ 19.1 millionThe Judge.....................................$ 13.3 millionAddicted......................................$ 7.6 millionMeet the Mormons..............................$ 3.0 million

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Compare and contrast with the last time I ambled around a northern English city at midnight. Apart from me, there was no one over 25 abroad. Few walked straight. People were hurling cans at the war memorial and, down the main street, a girl had fallen into a tub of flowers, her short skirt around her thighs, her legs akimbo. Her male companion slumped against a nearby shop doorway. “The trouble with you, Kevin,” she shrieked at him, “is that you’ve no respect for women.”

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On Sunday, health officials announced that a nurse at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas became the first person to contract Ebola in the United States. The nurse had treated Thomas Eric Duncan, the Liberian national who two weeks ago was the first person in the United States diagnosed with the hemorrhagic fever. Duncan died last week.

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It's unclear how legitimate these commercials are, but if Colocho did in fact see these ads on AMC's website, it's possible that Google leaked them on purpose to generate a little bit of buzz before the unveiling.

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It is now usual to say that French catering is terrible, British far better. It is also nonsense. Naturally one may eat satisfactorily in Britain – if one pays the price, or is prepared for corporate fare and a well-trained welcome. But British quality cooking is all top-downwards, spreading to the populace from expensive restaurants and mouthy chefs. The food chain starts in Waitrose. In France, the food chain starts on land, on sea and with animals, in all their gory detail. There’s the pig-killing and mushroom-hunting, and everyone’s an expert and may discuss the nuances of a coq-au-vin until you pass out. But it is this culture which informs chefs and which they must satisfy. Nowhere else do you eat so well up and down the scale because nowhere else has such unbroken links with a culinary heritage. And where in Britain are the family restaurants that jostle on every city, town and village street in France?

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Right now the perception of the Giants is of a battered, beaten team, drained of its enthusiasm and energy and devoid of all hope. But if they need a spark, all they have to do is look at the calendar. Their trip to Dallas is just a few days away.

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However, this is just as true in the private sector as it is in the public. A recent report from the Institute for Fiscal Studies pointed out that at the height of the financial crisis, between 2008 and 2010, private sector pay fell faster in real terms than public sector pay. The gap has subsequently started to close, though women in the public sector are still paid 8 per cent more than their private sector counterparts. In addition, pensions in the public sector are more generous.

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"The Iliad group announces that it puts an end to itsproject of acquiring T-Mobile US, following exchanges withDeutsche Telekom and selected board members of T-Mobile US whohave refused to entertain its new offer," Iliad said in astatement.

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U.S. officials have increased pressure in recent days on Turkey, which has been slow to come to the aid of the majority-Kurdish town of Kobani in Syria. The town is only miles from the Syrian-Turkish border. Ankara is reluctant to provide military support over fears of stirring unrest among its own Kurdish minority.

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The London-based Catholic gay rights group QUEST called parts of it "a breakthrough in that they acknowledge that such unions have an intrinsic goodness and constitute a valuable contribution to wider society and the common good."

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It is certainly big enough. Over 520 pages, the book tells the story of the Chase sisters, Iris and Laura. The girls grow up in the 1920s, daughters of a button dynasty in the Canadian town of Port Ticonderoga; they are raised mainly by Reenie, the maid, after their mother dies during childbirth and their father returns from the trenches minus a leg and a faith. We learn a lot about the manners and mores of the period, and a good deal about buttons in particular. A writer should be able to forge art out of manufacturing - witness Philip Roth's sleight of hand with gloves in American Pastoral; instead Atwood makes the business of fiction feel like heavy industry. In the Acknowledgments she credits a squad of three researchers. To have enlisted them would seem a suspect practice for a novelist: if you don't filter the material at source yourself, how are you going to avoid ending up with sludge?

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He added that most institutional investors reduced this risk by owning a large number of properties. “There will be some where the owner lives to celebrate his or her 100th birthday, and others where they will be able to realise the investment they’ve made far sooner. But for individuals, who are unlikely to have the cash to invest in more than one property, this is a significant risk to take.”

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Because the study involved only cells in a lab dish, there's a long way to go before a treatment based on this drug could be available to patients, said study researcher Dr. David Hodson, of the Department of Medicine at Imperial College London in the United Kingdom. But in theory, patients could swallow such a drug, and when they need it, they could shine a blue light on their abdomen to activate the drug within the pancreas, the researchers said.

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University of Louisiana at Monroe spokeswoman Kiwana Sutton says several downed trees prompted officials to cancel all classes and shutter the campus until Tuesday morning. Schools in several states canceled evening activities and delayed classes Tuesday.

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As Barnes said of the award: "It drives publishers mad with hope, booksellers mad with greed, judges mad with power, winners mad with pride, and losers (the unsuccessful short-listees plus every other novelist in the country) mad with envy and disappointment . . . novelists had better conclude that the only sensible attitude to the Booker is to treat it as posh bingo. It is El Gordo, the Fat One, the sudden jackpot that enriches some plodding Andalusian muleteer."

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Sarah Chare, EA deputy director of fisheries and biodiversity, said invasive species such as the quagga mussel cost the UK economy in excess of 1.8 billion every year, and urged people to report any sightings.

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As George becomes a student of pornography, Francesco becomes a habituof a brothel where she draws prostitutes, sells them her portraits, and the truth of her gender is discovered at the moment her passions are first unlocked. Such explorations of gender’s mutability build on Smith’s reimagining of Ovid’s tale of Iphis and Ianthe in her prismatic 2007 novel Girl meets Boy.

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“It takes 300 potatoes to make one bottle. When we first started six years ago, we barely made anything. I was quite shocked at how much work it takes," he told the Telegraph. "Now we’re mechanised, it’s much easier so we’ll be able to cope with the extra supply.”

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I think it’s easier for Welbeck to work out where he can get joy in the Arsenal team. Don’t get me wrong, Sturridge is fantastic and has more trickery about him, but his role is less well defined at Liverpool.

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Molina flew on the team charter to the Bay Area on Sunday night after leaving Busch Stadium for an MRI. Once the team arrived at AT&T Park on Monday, Molina met with team doctors and medical staff in the training room of the visitors' clubhouse.

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The prosecutor appeared incredulous at van Zyl's remarks, suggesting Pistorius' manager was blaming the media and others, including prosecutors, for the predicament of a man who had killed a young woman by firing four hollow-point bullets through a toilet door. Masipa found Pistorius not guilty of premeditated murder and of murder for shooting Steenkamp through a toilet cubicle door in his home in the pre-dawn hours of Valentine's Day 2013. He testified he mistook her for an intruder about to attack him and denied prosecution assertions that he shot her during an argument.

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Travellers on connecting flights from West Africa - where the disease has killed over 4,000 people in Liberia and Sierra Leone - said they were being given the option of being screened for symptoms of the virus rather than being obliged to undergo checks.

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Along with Luck and Radakovich, the five current athletic directors on the committee are: Arkansas' Jeff Long, who is serving as the committee chairman, Wisconsin's Barry Alvarez and Southern California's Pat Haden.

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Mercedes Formula One team members spray champagne on Mercedes Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton of Britain after winning the 2014 constructors World Championship at the first Russian Grand Prix in Sochi October 12, 2014.

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Yes, let the truth be told of some of the dark passages in the history of the New World. But before rewriting our history books and changing federal holidays, let's celebrate — not diminish — the vast contributions Italian Americans have made in our nation's history.

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It was pushback against Republicans who have accused President Barack Obama of doing too little to combat Ebola. Democrats say it's the GOP's steady push for less government spending that's hampering key agencies at a crucial time.

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"The agreement embodies a strengthened spirit of collaboration in addressing the issues related to clerical sexual abuse," Archbishop John Nienstedt, who was traveling in Africa, said in a statement.

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Schaeuble retorted that if there was a world crisis, it had been caused by the United States. Angela Merkel says Berlin is looking for ways to encourage more investment — but that is very much private investment.

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The campaign is supported by the patient support group, Voices4Care, and according to Carmel Geoghegan of that group, palliative care ‘enables people to enjoy a better quality of life when faced with an incurable illness'.

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In March, solar equipment producer Chaori produced the first onshore default when it missed an interest payment, and analysts had expected the precedent-setting default might force a re-pricing of credit risk in a market that long assumed even high-yielding debt carried an implicit state guarantee. Moody's at the time noted that regulators' higher tolerance for corporate bond defaults would be in line with the Chinese government's "shift to adopt more market-oriented policies."

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The gate clatters open and a small seal brown colt skitters into the makeshift coliseum of Dartmoor’s last pony auction. Too terrified to meet the eyes of the encircling crowd, clad in waxed jackets and tweed, it darts back and forth through piles of hay.

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Speech bubbles in the cartoon had police officers saying in a mix of German and English: “Stoppen yer auto” and “Achtung Ve want to see your papers” A sign under “Velcome to Arizona” says “If you’re brown leave town.”

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J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. (JPM) swung to a third-quarter profit as the bank rebounded from a year-earlier period in which it was hit by big legal charges. The bank's profit per share and revenue narrowly missed expectations. J.P. Morgan shares fell 1.7%.

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The infected nurse is Nina Pham, 26, according to a Sunday school teacher at the church where her family worships and through a public records check of her address. Attempts to reach her family were not immediately successful.

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Returns from early reporting macro hedge funds tracked byEurekahedge ranged between a loss of 12.7 percent to a gain of20.33 percent in September. Only three of them gained more than10 percent, the industry tracker said without disclosing thenames of the funds.

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But on July 5, a process server showed up on her doorstep with a lawsuit demanding $91,000 for the portion of her mortgage that was still unpaid after the home was foreclosed and sold.If she loses, the debt collector that filed the suit can freeze her bank account, garnish up to 25 percent of her wages, and seize her paid-off 2005 Honda Accord.

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By3:30 a.m., the militants were fighting inside Mosul. Within three days the Iraqi army would abandon the country's second-biggest city to its attackers. The loss triggered a series of events that continues to reshape Iraq months later.

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There's a change at the top of the Daily News NFL Power Rankings. With the Seahawks suffering their second loss of the season at the hands of the Cowboys at home, they've dropped five spots to sixth behind a group of red-hot teams.

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Yet there are no guarantees that Armitage will feature in the contrived dispatches outlined above. The reason is simple. Chris Robshaw has seen off all-comers in that role over the past couple of years, and had the better of the master himself, All Black captain McCaw, when England beat the world champions at Twickenham in 2012.

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Lay the porcini slices on the parchment. Brush with moreolive oil. Sprinkle one teaspoon of the salt over the top. Roastuntil lightly browned in spots, 15 to 25 minutes, flipping onceafter 10 minutes.

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It's about who really runs that country, the fact that prime ministers have to call newspaper owners before they go to war to make sure it's OK with the newspaper owner. And it's about that incredible abuse of power (by) a few newspaper owners ... They live above the law and above any code of ethics because politicians are too afraid to take them on and that's what we have changed.

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But Marchionne has picked a difficult moment to woo U.S. investors. Analysts think U.S. car sales are nearing a peak, while Europe is struggling to recover from years of decline and growth in China and Latin America has slowed.

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Human Rights Watch (HRW) said Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina's government was now considering an amendment to the Child Marriage Restraint Act, which would also lower the age of marriage of men to 18 from 21.

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New analysis from Knight Frank, also out today, cited an 18.2pc increase in house prices in the UK to the end of 2019, and a 22pc rise in prime central London. However, in the short term, the reported said that interest rate rises and the risk of a renewed economic slowdown represented the biggest risks to the housing market.

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Overall Q2 revenues rose by 3% in the three months through September 30th. Revenue in Africa grew 8% in the recent quarter, as ale-drinkers continued to favor more expensive beer. An increase of 5% in sales in Latin America, which represents around 30% of the company’s profit, made up for the lower demand in other regions.

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Ever since Sam Faiers wowed us all in a white jumpsuit when she entered the Celebrity Big Brother house, the rest of the TOWIE ladies must have been wanting to follow suit. And it's a fitting time because winter is when icy white comes into its own So ditch your LBD now and click (right) to copy Chloe.

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Mortgage lending rose by $1 billion from the second quarter to $48 billion, though new home loans were 40 percent below the level in the third quarter of 2013. Income from mortgage banking rose 2 percent to $1.63 billion as Wells Fargo earned bigger profits from selling home loans to investors.

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I first learned about Speakers' Corner in secondary school, in the early-80s in Germany where I grew up. It was portrayed as a key London landmark, in line with Tower Bridge, Big Ben and Westminster Abbey. But then it took more than 10 years of living in London to discover it for myself.

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A photo released by the Rodong Sinmun, the newspaper of North Korea’s ruling Workers Party today shows North Korean leader Kim Jong-un (C) walking with a cane during his visit to the Wisong Scientists Residential District in Pyongyang. Photograph: EPA/Rodong Sinmun