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"That's kind of my gut feeling," says Prof Stringer. "The basis for this art was there 60,000 years ago; it may even have been there in Africa before 60,000 years ago and it spread with modern humans".

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"Experts have begun to examine the finds, but it is already clear that this is one of the most significant Viking hoards ever discovered in Scotland," Scotland's Treasure Trove unit said in a statement.

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During the 1980s, Riyadh learned the hard way that it could not count on fellow OPEC producers, many of whom continued to pump at higher rates than their agreed-upon quotas, leaving Saudi Arabia to bear the brunt of output cuts.

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The unrest in Turkey raised serious concerns that a peace process between Turkey and its Kurds could be in danger of collapse, a new source of turmoil in a region consumed by Iraqi and Syrian civil wars and an international campaign against Islamic State fighters.

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The lira slipped slightly to 2.2760 per dollarby 0806 GMT from 2.2693 late on Monday, when the dollar postedits worst day in a year after comments from U.S. Federal Reserveofficials hinted at delays in expected interest rate hikes.

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If you have $3,650, you’re among the wealthiest half of people in the world, according to Credit Suisse's new report on global wealth. In numbers and charts, we break down the need-to-know stats


( —Australian engineers detect in real-time the quantum spin properties of a pair of atoms inside a silicon chip, and disclose new method to perform quantum logic operations between two atoms.

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The maker of Peroni and Grolsch revealed this morning that beer sales had fallen by 1pc during the six months to September, with a 3pc drop in the last quarter – compared to the 1pc rise predicted by City analysts.

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Saudi Arabia is not trying to push oil prices down, an oil source said, but is prepared to let the market find its floor and tolerate lower prices until others in OPEC commit to action. It has already cut selling prices to retain Asian customers.

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The schism between progressive leaders and traditional ones in the Church may have been behind the Pope’s decision Friday to add six additional clerics to the committee writing the final draft of the document, which will be released Saturday.

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That tracker fund is an investment trust – and it's currently trading at a 4.5pc discount to the underlying value of its assets. Taking 4.5pc off the value of the FTSE 100 at Monday's close would send its level to 6080.

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Calais has received a huge influx of migrants in the past six months, as hundreds of mainly Eritrean, Sudanese and Afghan migrants gather in the port to attempt to cross into Britain. Authorities estimate that in excess of 1,500 people are living rough in the woods or squatting in disused buildings in the city.

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“It helped out big time ... I think I had more opportunities to get the feel for the coaching staff and really get the feel for the guys that are on the team right now that they invited,” Hardaway said. “We’ve got that chemistry and we’re definitely in practice helping out the veterans to make sure they’re running the plays the right way.”

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A President’s demeanor is no minor thing. It can matter greatly. For an example, history serves up Gerald Ford, President by virtue of a third-rate burglary. Ford succeeded Richard Nixon, who resigned in 1974 on account of the Watergate scandal. The year before, the U.S. and North Vietnam reached a cease-fire in the Vietnam War. Nixon hailed it as “peace with honor.”

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Using a legal tool known as a "deficiency judgment," lenders can ensure that borrowers are haunted by these zombie-like debts for years, and sometimes decades, to come. Before the housing bubble, banks often refrained from seeking deficiency judgments, which were seen as costly and an invitation for bad publicity. Some of the biggest banks still feel that way.

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Recode doesn't reveal any specific details about Apple's souped-up desktop offering, but previous speculation suggests that it will feature a display resolution between 4,096x2,304 and 6,400x3,600.

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"I'm quite a busy person so the weekends are mostly indoors, and i think this has given me a different way of looking at life. I might be coming out more, so I'm more of an active woman now, walking around rather than just sitting in front of the TV"

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Having Turkey at the table will be key. Ankara has come under some pressure to send its own ground troops into Syria against Islamic State forces. The country could announce after the meeting that it will join Saudi Arabia in training moderate Syrian rebels, Cordesman said.

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He accused a priest of sexually abusing him in the mid 1970s when he was a child and the archdiocese and diocese of failing to supervise the priest properly. Financial terms were not disclosed in the settlement that applies to both the archdiocese and diocese.

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Let’s be clear. Unequal pay for similar work is rampant. And, in general, it is not a bad thing for women to stand up and ask for more if they think they deserve it. It is probably true that those who prefer to suffer in silence, will get less justice than those who don’t.

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It’s supposed to set up plays for the playmakers, but without Cruz (23 catches, 337 yards), who can do that? Who is the playmaker on the Giants who will cause opposing defensive coordinators to lose sleep?

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Arrange the cooked porcini slices on plates. Sprinkle thecelery over the mushrooms. Drizzle olive oil over the salads(one to two teaspoons), followed by a squeeze of lemon juice.Sprinkle the pine nut mixture over the top. Garnish with cheeseshavings and celery and chervil leaves. (Reporting by Andrea Burzynski; Editing by Patricia Reaney andPaul Simao)

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Undated CCTV footage shows the woman sat fiddling with her device before a puff of smoke indicates the explosion has taken place and she is seen running off to put out the fairly large fire that has started in her face.

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China-based iResearch in July raised its 2014 growthforecast for China's online retail sales to 45.8 percent from32.4 percent. The consultancy forecast sales of 2.76 trillionyuan ($446.6 billion) for the year.

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The militant group wants to seize the town to consolidate a dramatic sweep across northern Iraq and Syria. The advances by the group, which espouses a rigidly conservative brand of Islam, has sent shockwaves through the Middle East.

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"Recent price drops appear both supply and demand driven," the West's energy watchdog said in its monthly report. "Further oil price drops would likely be needed for supply to take a hit — or for demand growth to get a lift."

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"I doubt that it will have any headway," says Mary Cheh, professor of law at George Washington University. "It's a pretty vacant landscape in terms of courts that would rule this way."

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At the sentencing yesterday she said Pistorius had not expressed a desire to resume his athletic career, or discussed a new relationship reported by the South African press at the outset of the trial in March.

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"It had been speculated that Sonova's new product platformwould have been based on the same technology as GN's, 2.4gigahertz wireless technology, and that GN thereby would losesome of its differentiation from its competitors in the market,"said Morten Imsgard, an analyst at Sydbank.

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As for a more measurable effect, the Cardinals survived a 40-game period this season when Molina was out with a thumb injury, going 21-19. Matheny said his team took it as a challenge, in part because so much was made of Molina’s importance.

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Miss Gordimer’s story-telling is masterly, very stylish, for it is as if Mehring himself is relating the events. Time is handled deftly, so that people come and go as if drifting like thoughts through a man’s mind. He imports two sweet chestnut trees from Europe and tells his black farm manager, Jacobus:

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Ireland’s Finance Minister Michael Noonan is set to unveil next year’s budget today as the economy recovers and the nation looks to end the era of austerity. The budget may also include measures to tighten Ireland’s corporate tax system that has come under international scrutiny. Bloomberg’s Dara Doyle reports on “The Pulse.”

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It would be a threat good idea for the Government, especially the CDC worry more about doing their jobs and less about patting themselves on the back. The CDC Director should be renamed Mr. DON’TWORRYBEHAPPY. our lives are in the hands of arrogant clowns.

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The conflict between a person’s public and private role has been a pivot of drama from Greek tragedy to Japanese kabuki. But it is typical of Kazuo Ishiguro’s modest, oblique method that the hero (or anti-hero) through whom he illustrates this dilemma is not a politician or soldier but a discreet, near-extinct model: the English butler.

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The farmers blame EU rules, implemented over the past few years, which mean that each sold horse needs to be fitted with a microchip and given a passport at a cost of 25. This, they say, is exacerbated by the fact only four animals can be transported in any one vehicle, so while prospective buyers used to come from all over the country, now they are mainly local.

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"We're changing the Earth. There is no question about that, I've seen it from space," said eight-time spacewalking astronaut John Grunsfeld, now associate administrator for science at NASA. He said that when he looked down from orbit, there was no place he could see on the planet that didn't have the mark of man. So he uses the term Anthropocene, he said, "because we're intelligent enough to recognize it."

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Realising that kids secretly message when they aren't supposed to and video messaging is a bit hard to do surreptitiously, Sierra's team has made sure the app will come with the ability to pre-record responses - probably best seen as visual emoji - that you can use to response with when you aren't able to record you own.

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According to Gazidis, the aim is to move from being “off the shoulder of the world’s top teams” to joining the likes of Barcelona, Real Madrid and Bayern Munich at the very top table of European football.

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The "New Members" program, which began in December 2012, was conceived when Mendez had an epiphany: his 3-year-old daughter could not sleep so he began putting on a CD of classical music and a few minutes later, she would nod off.

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U.S. President Barack Obama, who ordered a bombing campaign against Islamic State fighters that started in August, was to discuss the strategy on Tuesday with military leaders from 20 countries, including Turkey, Arab states and Western allies.

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"We explained they were now gone, and that they had not been a deliberate act. They didn't believe us, told us to leave town or face the consequences, we did that very thing and drove into a night of violent terror," he added.

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There is much talk in the book of the stone quarried for the majestic county courthouse in Cottonwood Falls, but at the heart of it maybe is the Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve a couple of miles north, outside Strong City.

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Later, we’d return there and amid spillover crowds all along, hustled toward one of the few tables open at Rio Grande, 1525 Blake. The green chile quest continued and their pork stew had no shortage of sting and savor. And my wife found the margaritas worth a double-take.

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There is the briefest pause – neither party has publicly confirmed their relationship – before she replies, ‘Yes. He is one of the most amazing men in the whole world, and that includes my grandfather and my brother. I think the world of him, and he’s an amazing person. That’s kind of all there is to it.’ Then her face flushes and she flings herself down on the couch, burying her face in a cushion. It’s a lovely, and real, reaction. The pop cultural phenomenon Ariana Grande is, still, just a girl.

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If your hands are full, this means you’re just as out of luck as if you had a key to jam into the lock, although at least you’re not having to carry around both keys and a phone. My husband, who has a keyless ignition on his car, would be all over this lock simply to eliminate some of his pocket clutter. I carry a small purse, so it’s not as big a deal to me. I also tend to forget my phone when I walk the dog on mornings when I don’t have a jacket, in part because none of my pockets are big enough to carry my giant phone.

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Ontiveros, who is also the director of the Sol de Mazatlan newspaper that shares a building with Fiesta Mexicana, said "as a media organization, we are demanding an end to this type of violence, these types of attacks, that threaten our safety as journalists."

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Mr Sharma's interest in forest-building began when he met Japanese forester Akira Miyawaki, who regenerates habitats by planting dozens of native species to create an ecosystem that can develop in 10 years.

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Still, Fisher said not to read anything into it, that he was starting Acy as a way to acquaint himself with Acy’s skill set, while Stoudemire is already “more of a known entity.” Fisher also said it was important to make sure Stoudemire is healthy when the regular season starts on Oct. 29 with a home game against Chicago because of his chronic knee troubles.

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This people-pleasing side goes against the recent tabloid narrative that enjoys painting Grande as a precocious ‘diva’. I certainly see no sign of it. Despite the (actually rather cool) love of ‘all things sci-fi and scary’, she appears too straight to wobble.

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"Social media helps the criminals pursue their trade, but it also leaves a digital footprint in evidence that provides opportunities for us," said Mark Rowley, assistant commissioner for specialist operations for London's Metropolitan Police.

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The FCA data showed RBS has examined 7,353 cases in thereview, far more than any other bank. HSBC has reviewed 3,160cases, Barclays 2,902 and Lloyds 1,638. But RBS has set asidejust 1.4 billion pounds to compensate customers, less than the1.5 billion set aside by Barclays. Lloyds has set aside 580million and HSBC 566 million.

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Tuesday's data comes a day after consumer price inflation, which the central bank tracks to set policy lending rates, dropped sharply to 6.46 percent in September, the lowest since the latest data series started in January 2012.

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"Directions to Tokenhouse's lodgings are given in Temporary Kings," Elwin Taylor, a Powell Society officer and a driving force behind the conference, told delegates. "But if you try to follow them you would certainly end up in a canal."

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From July to September, California took in $21.8 billion in taxes and other revenues for its general fund, $533 million above projections and $1.6 billion more than in the same period last year, Chiang said in a report released late last week.

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Shares in TSB, a "challenger" bank spun out fromLloyds, were last trading at 264p, just above theirJune IPO price of 260p but below the 280p that Lloyds soldadditional shares at last month. OneSavings shares areup 8 percent from their June debut, but have halved their IPOgains in the last month.

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"They (fraudsters) view the customer as the weakest link andthey are convincing customers they are the bank. They haveaccess to data in ways they never had before," Bruce Forbes,head of security investigations and digital forensics at RoyalBank of Scotland, said at last month's BBA conference.

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Ukraine, among the world's leading maize producers andexporters, could harvest 25.9 million tonnes of maize this yearcompared with a record 27.0 million tonnes in 2013, theconsultancy said in a statement.

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Unless they meet in the finals (Bovada betting odds places Brooklyn at 28/1 to win the Eastern Conference), the Nets won’t see Durant until the 2015-16 season. At that point, so long as their current plan holds form, they’ll be gearing up for a run at the biggest free agent not named LeBron James.