Documentary photographer: Stefanie Grätz

Realistic documentary photographer Stefanie Grätz works exclusively in colour, and often through the medium of a series or group of images. Grätz aims “not to encapsulate or reveal some single ‘essential’ notion of the subject, but rather t… Continue reading


Blink is back well in firefox it is :-) Continue reading

It’s nice that

This week we met up with Will and Alex from design blog it’s nice that. They were in Amsterdam visiting Job Wouters aka Letman to get him to sign last months ‘If You Could’ prints. We discussed how the blog has resulted in them travel… Continue reading

Living by Design

Colman Prentis & Varley installed a computer to write copy. They programmed the strategy. A minute later the card fell into the tray at the other end. It read, “I am leaving to start my own agency” From Living by Design, 1978, Pentagram… Continue reading


“Do you want to be my friend?” Continue reading

Girl Geek Dinner

ARPANET (the internet’s predecessor ), nodes, a network of networks: centralized, decentralized and distributed, the Amsterdam internet exchange and finally… why was the quality of the European cup stream changeable? These were just some of… Continue reading

Print on demand

Print your own copy from our Unlimited edition ‘Print Screen, Screenprint’. This Unlimited edition uses content from our blog and projects, because it is generated by the database, the content is dynamic and unlimited… Print your own … Continue reading

Green is cheaper…

There are only 10 types of people in the world.

Those who understand binary and those who don’t. Continue reading

Online magazines

Publishing online fashion magazines was what we did this term at crosslab with the students at the wdka in Rotterdam. Online Magazines Fashion geeks (Crosslab workshop) Continue reading

Hexa colours to binary

1111.1111.0000.0000.0000.0000 1111.1111.0000.0000 Find out the Hexadecimal value of colours at: Continue reading

Artists online (3)

We have spent the last month designing three very different websites for three very different local and international artists :-) Laura Mousavi Zadeh from Brighton (uk) graduated in May from the London Royal College of Art with an ma in painting. www.l… Continue reading

The skater, the violinist and the pop star

Russia won this year’s Eurovision Song Contest in Belgrade; and it still isn’t fair or so they say… -”I thought it was a boring song. I would rather have had Ukraine or Armenia win,” said Alexaudra Marij from Sweden, who w… Continue reading

The Terminal at Modefabriek

Charlotte Wooning will both be presenting and selling their work this summer at ‘The Terminal’, a platform for designers at Modefabriek 2008. Hexaplex launched the portfolio site for Charlotte at the end of 2007 and completed the website fo… Continue reading

“If computer vision technology can be used to detect when you look like a terrorist, criminal, or other “undesirable” – why not when you look like a rock star?”

At the My [public] space opening last night… A video performance that blurs public and private space: SVEN (Surveillance Video Entertainment Network) detects unknown faces on the street that match the facial expressions of rock stars, the origina… Continue reading

While the boss is away…

Micha is in Italy… back on 13.05.08 ;-) Continue reading

Dont miss this special offer

Plug multiplier for only £19.99… Continue reading

CC or not CC new developments:… Continue reading

K109 DJ Karl

“They are the games of our times. Those games in a way changed the world…. They had written a politically incorrect dialogue… I loved it, [particularly] in a time when everybody wants to be so politically correct when they talk…… Continue reading

No fun

Content not entertainment. We were discussing what we do differently to other interactive/web studios and designers out there. Again we came to a similar conclusion that we like working with textual and visual content, designing systems and aesthetics … Continue reading

What do we want to do

Hexaplex formed in 2007 and a collaboration between Cheryl Gallaway and Micha Bakker. Hexaplex wanted to further develop ideas on digital design together. The collaboration is intended to test work methods and deepen insights into design in the digital… Continue reading


We were invited by the Willem de Kooning’s crosslab to teach the fashion students, so now we can be found teaching in Rotterdam on Thursdays until the end of July. Continue reading

Website for designer Vanessa van Dam

Vanessa called us and asked if we wanted to design her online portfolio. The site displays, condenses and makes easy to navigate, the multitude of work from the last ten years, the site also cross references collaborations, clients and mediums using a … Continue reading

Hoe leren babies?

Hoe leren babies? (How do babies learn?) is a website and folder for the cognitive research group at the Universtity of Amsterdam. The site is divided into two parts, ‘research’ and ‘participate’. The design uses two basic shape… Continue reading

Cheryl Gallaway & Micha Bakker

We believe in continuous collaboration and the exchange of knowledge with each other and others. We share our ideas freely in commissioned and independent projects. Our collaboration began at Solar Initiative. Working together as the interactive team o… Continue reading

Vanessa van Dam

Vanessa called us and asked if we wanted to design her online portfolio. The site displays, condenses and makes easy to navigate, the multitude of work from the last ten years, the site also cross references collaborations, clients and mediums using a … Continue reading

Exhibit Goldenlane

Exhibit needed a site that would not only give their organisation a transparent online presence, but also to communicate exhibitions, events and activities. The sites primary colours and a columns draw inspiration from the local architecture where EXHI… Continue reading

Now get back to work

We don’t mind talking about our work. It mostly speaks for itself. If you want to hang out for a bit longer go to collect ;-) Continue reading

New studio opens to friends

Dear friends and foes, Cheryl Gallaway & Micha Bakker are proud to present Hexaplex. You are cordially invited to visit the new studio and have a drink with us. Next Tuesday 11th December between 17 – 19 hours We hope to see you there, let us… Continue reading

Hexaplex at Picnic 2007

Picnic event ‘Come Out and Play’ invited us to develop an interactive street game as part of the festival. The game Fuse Invasion gets players use a mobile phone and street art in the city of Amsterdam to create, collect and fuse symbols, t… Continue reading

Designers new role

A blog entry from on written by Cheryl whilst at Solar in response the exhibition. “Alongside digitalization and the personal computer diaspora, we are now at a point were the introduction of Internet in the nineties is having its i… Continue reading

I like Big Type, I cannot lie

Tesco, Kirby Drive, Peacehaven, East Sussex, UK. Continue reading