Hexaplex – White Smoke in Codex Catalogue, online now

White Smoke was not only presented during the recent exhibition, but also featured in the accompanying catalogue designed by Pierre Vanni. It is now online for your downloading and home-printing pleasure, and for the traditionalists/people with small p… Continue reading

Designers’ Identities

Hexaplex published in Designers’ Identities Ever wondered why Hexaplex is Red and Green? Find out in Designers’ Identities. “For graphic designers no project is more personal or more crucial, both in terms of commercial success and pe… Continue reading

Brighton Photo Fringe

Every two years Brighton Photo Fringe coordinates a city-wide festival of exhibitions and events in partnership with Brighton Photo Biennial. Continue reading

Britta Steinbrecht

Britta asked us to work with her to design a new portfolio online. The sites layers reflect the tangible nature of Britta Graphic design work and shares her influences and inspirations. Find our more about Britta and her work at Continue reading

Hexaplex in England too!

Spreading our wings and taking advantage of the internet (thanks skype!), the coming months Cheryl will be working closely with a new client in the UK. Hexaplex is working with Brighton Photo Fringe on a new identity, website, brochure and press materi… Continue reading

Glamcult Studio

Hexaplex recently finished a design collaboration with Glamcult Studio. The people behind Glamcult Independent Style Paper. The website is a showcase of work as well as where these two companies together form a new, creative design company. www.glamcul… Continue reading

The Palace is open again » Exhibition and videos »

What do classicism, tradition, a 17th century Italian, and a website have in common? Hexaplex have just updated the Palace Amsterdam website with new video material and the Scamozzi exhibition opens this week! Hexaplex were invited to the exhibition op… Continue reading

Fluff up the internet!

I came across this fun line of code that turns your sites images into cute kittens. The code uses Flickr to look for photos tagged with “kitten” and then with Javascript replaces the images on your page with cuties. Alternatively customise … Continue reading

Designhuis lecture

Yesterday evening Micha and I gave a small lecture about the project White Smoke at the Designhuis (Design House) in Eindhoven. It was a balmy summers evening so after the lecture we moved on for drinks at the Onomatpee project space, where our physica… Continue reading

White Smoke lecture / book presentation at Designhuis.

Hexaplex Lecture June 17, 19:30- 21.30 In collaboration with Onomatopee & Designhuis Program 19.30-20.15 Welcome & exhibition 20.15-20.45 Presentation 21.00-21.30 Coffee/tea Designhuis Stadhuisplein 3 5611 EM Eindhoven To reserve e-mail info@de… Continue reading

Exhibition & Publication

Exhibition: Kunstvlaai 2010 Opening Saturday May 15th, 16:00 Publication: Continue reading

White Smoke

White Smoke is a website, exhibition and publication by Hexaplex and presented in collaboration with Onomatopee. In the White Smoke project man and machine meet: the audience engages a world of color codes and names. On the eve of the information era, … Continue reading

Glamcult Studio

We are designing a new interactive web presence coinciding with the re-branding of Glamcult Studio. The graphic design studio behind Glamcult (Check out their new blog.) and previously known as Supernova. Continue reading

Fashion ‘Blogs!

It is almost there and there is a nice discount when you pre-order at d’jonge Hond. So, go on, get one! “Fashion Blogs - From musings on personal taste to style reports around the globe”, is the project of Kirstin Hanssen, Felicia … Continue reading

Europan 10!

We were invited by Europan and Novak to design and develop in collaboration a digital edition for this years Europan 10! publication and exhibtion. We also designed and launched a mini-site for the duration of the exhibition. Europan organises a compet… Continue reading

Europan 10! at NAi

On Sunday 17 January we went to the Nai in Rotterdam for the awards for this years Europan 10! We worked with Novak and Europan on this years anniversary digital edition. The Europan digital edition was included in the 10th Europan publication as well … Continue reading


Hexaplex is taking a holiday until the first week of the new year. Best wishes from us for 2010! Continue reading


In Amsterdam we have number ‘count down’ displays on some traffic lights, but I saw this on The Guardian website this morning and liked how the the progress bar idea has been visually integrated with the existing light. Designed by Damjan S… Continue reading

Thomas Vermeer

Fashion stylist Thomas Vermeer asked for a portfolio site to show off his extensive body of work and have a place to share his daily goings-on. Continue reading

de daily whatever / dutch design week

We have been invited to partner up with Eric de Haas and Hugo Naber to design and produce the digital edition of a daily design newspaper during dutch design week. The editors/design office for this publication will be in a room at the Van Abbemuseum. … Continue reading

cyclic! bicycle art & design

Cyclic is a bicycle » art » media happening in Amsterdam celebrating cycling culture. Exhibiting bicycle inspired artwork, design, performance, film screening, styling and a meet up & ride. Cheryl initiated cyclic! together with Vera van de Nieu… Continue reading

Ten Bosch Initiatief

Ten Bosch Initiatief is both a studio for multi-disciplinairy design in Amsterdam as well as a project space for art in Den Bosch. In collaboration we translated and evolved the egalitarian & strictly minimalist identity to the web. The structural … Continue reading

Itchy Scratchy

Itchy Scratchy is an exhibition of photographs. The title is taken from this quote by Charlotte Cotton, where she describes the pictures which break photographers out of familiar ways of working. The exhibition affirms the role that happy accidents and… Continue reading

Typografica exhibition

My first stop was The Typographica exhibition at Kemistry Gallery. Once there I asked Alistair (from Kemistry) if he thought he could define the British design process, he didn’t immediately feel qualified to answer but kindly talked me through t… Continue reading

British Design process

With an interest in the influence of culture during the design process. This weekend I am at The London Design Festival and I will be asking the people I meet ‘What is the British design process?’ I have also posted this question at the very nice o… Continue reading

Dissociation exhibition from club internet

Dissociation, curated by Harm van den Dorpel Click from these artworks in the imitation browser toolbar. works by Samuel Beckett, Charles Broskoski, Harm van den Dorpel, Ida Ekblad, Thomas Galloway, Jodi, Tobias Madison, Ilia Ovech… Continue reading

Hexaplex 2009-09-09 12:05:21

Come see us and say hello… Werkplaats Boek & Steen Wenslauerstraat 16-2 1053 BA Amsterdam Continue reading

Greetings from…

This summer we have been working with Freek Lomme and SKOR on a location based project in the south of Holland. A wonderful time of year to be visiting the countryside and making hay. The location based project will be launched this September… Continue reading

Type design, Verdana, legibility & technology

“The typefaces you normally read have been designed to be typeset digitally and printed on paper. But as more people read more type off computer screens, they’re unfortunately reading a type designed in another era for another medium. That&… Continue reading

Royal Palace Open!

After almost a year of collaboration with Vanessa van Dam and Stichting Paleis Amsterdam, we succeeded in getting the the first Royal Palace Amsterdam website online for the public. To coincide with the opening, these posters are up and around Amsterda… Continue reading

Found one!

Sent from Micha’s I-phone This one has been in my inbox since 2008… A joy to find street art that has escaped the Dutch stringent street cleaners in Eindhoven. Original by Erosie in 2008. Update!!! (May 29th) Who would of thought I would fi… Continue reading

NS online railway services

Recently Cheryl enjoyed being part of the Internet team at NS (Dutch Railways). Designing and implementing just one of their new online services. NS recently launched ‘E-ticket’ service as well as ‘Journey Planner Xtra’. The the… Continue reading

Book launch

Saturday just gone, I went to a book launch.  The publication ‘Joseph Churchward’ by David Bennewith “compiles archive material, correspondence, realised and un-realised design work, alphabet designs and in-dispersed with essays surround… Continue reading

The Royal Palace Foundation

We are proud to present the first website designed for the Amsterdam Royal Palace Foundation. Resulting from a long and successful collaboration with Vanessa van Dam and Marianna van der Zwaag (Head of Cultural Service Amsterdam Royal Palace Foundation… Continue reading

Global ‘net’working

Bringing a global network together online. Introducing Reach Global Design Research Network. Continue reading

New and improved: Items

Items magazine is has started the new year with a new editor – Max Bruinsma – and a new design – by Thonik. Thonik asked Hexaplex to help redo the Items website in the same style by setting up a quick interim site using html, css a… Continue reading

Bouw in Beeld prijs 2009

We are pleased to see that Krista van der Niet and Stefanie Grätz have both been nominated for this years photography prize Bouw in Beeld prijs 2009. We designed a site for Stefanie last year and with Krista the year before (whilst working together at… Continue reading

Royal Palace: Under Construction

After collaboratiing with Vanessa van Dam for the last 6 months, we are close to completing the new site for the Royal Palace Amsterdam. We can learn a lot from collaborating with a designer more at home in the printed page. Keeping the integrity of th… Continue reading

STBY: Social Research for Service Design and Innovation

We have been working with Stby: a social research company based in London and Amsterdam (specialising in service design and innovation). Hexaplex designed and developed the Stby website so that that the company can share their work, observations, thoug… Continue reading


This is the work from a great Wellington based Designer Jay Johnson, for his online portfolio he used the unlimited design template we released and made it even better!! Enjoy his work. My favourite poster: “Ain’t nuthin new for trash like … Continue reading

The Death of Print vs Viva La Print is out now.

Fluromag interviewed us for Issue seven: The Death of Print vs Viva La Print. Go out and find a copy or you can download the digital version (pdf). Continue reading

The Haka 1922

Keep an eye on the guy forth from the left give the Haka a dance move with his head… Continue reading

english breakfast radio Continue reading


“WYSIWYG is also an ‘old’ 1980s/1990s paradigm that doesn’t apply to most contemporary digital media platforms anymore. Software like Dreamweaver basically tries to give graphic designers an equivalent to older tools like Quark … Continue reading

Is not… authors blog, public diary and sounding board…

We hope this design will not only create a platform for the online author, but open, provoke and support emerging dialogue  between author and reader. The identity comes from referencing all the  Dobsons listed on wikipedia. All the Dobsons that this… Continue reading

∞ unlimited edition

This week we gently released unlimited edition. The design for this publication/blog is opensource. Unlimited has a clean structure and uses visual simplicity as a starting point for other designers. Below (starting with the original template) are some… Continue reading

Monthly blogazine

Streative branding in Amsterdam approached us to develop the identity, design and implementation for Sidewalk Talk: a monthly online magazine. Continue reading

Book *Groninger* out!

Solo exhibition from Stefanie Grätz Post Middendorp Commission 2007 and the presentation of her book Groninger opens tomorrow at the Noorderlicht gallery in Groningen. book concept: Stefanie Grätz and Hans Gremmen photographs: Stefanie Grätz text: … Continue reading

London Design Festival / News flash!

This week we are in London for the London Design Festival. Thursday night we will meet our friends from Exhibit after almost a year of collaboration!  Attending the opening of their current exhibition The Desire of Impermanence. Read more about the ex… Continue reading

Shiny happy people

This week I am mostly wearing red and learning all about shiny websites at lostboys in Amsterdam. shine, shine shine… Continue reading