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The latest Hexaplex collaboration is e-PERMANENT, the online manifestation of Permanent Gallery. Launched on Sunday 2nd September at Phoenix Brighton the website features an open submission for artists experimenting with the internet as medium and/or p… Continue reading

Brighton Digital Festival 2012

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e-PERMANENTdigital publication We have just finished the first issue and iteration of e-PERMANENT. The site launched on Sunday 2nd September at Phoenix Brighton as part of the Digital Festival. The first issue has been designed by Hexaplex and co-curated by Cheryl Gallaway and Laura Mousavi. Over the coming year Permanent will be working with us to [...] Continue reading

I Love Bodoni

I Love BodoniWhite Smoke has been featured in a beautiful little book that’s all about the font Bodoni. Micha and I chose Bodoni for the project White Smoke last year. Bodini was created in 1798, and we wanted to use it for this project in combination with Monaco, the bitmapped font that came with the Macintosh computer. [...] Continue reading

Poster Open ’11

100 limited edition posters designed for Brighton Photo Fringe interim project ‘Open ’11′.
Printed by Victionary Press.
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Installation Open ’11

Photos © Cheryl Gallaway 2011
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Folded brochure

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Design Jam Brighton

Design Jam BrightonThis weekend at Design Jam Brighton I met a bunch of open, interesting and passionate practitioners all keen to tackle the User Experience (UX) challenge that was set. It was a day of intense team work. It took a large part of the morning for the team to understand each others ways of thinking, various [...] Continue reading


Open’11Through an international open call Brighton Photo Fringe Open 2011 has brought together a diverse group of curators and artists to explore different perspectives on the critical issues emerging from contemporary photographic practice. The curatorial teams were appointed by mentor Charlotte Cotton, Creative Director of the Media Space (a partnership between the Science Museum and [...] Continue reading

Van Abbe Museum Live Design!

Hexaplex (Micha Bakker and I) were invited to design live at the Van Abbe Museum, Eindhoven as part of Dutch Design Week 2009.
We were designing a digital publication called De Daily Whatever

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Dynamic Logo

Dynamic LogoA dynamic ‘living logo’ was designed to go with the ‘Designing With People’ website. The proposed logo uses the three main colours to represent: People, Activities, and Methods. The three shapes land at random, creating unique overlap and positioning every time. This idea is based on the game Pick up Sticks, where players must remove [...] Continue reading

Telefonica Side Walk Talk

Telefonica Side Walk TalkIdentity & Visual Design Intranet Blog-azine Side Walk Talk. Client: Streative Branding & Telefonica   Continue reading

Fluid data logo for Ugly Duckling Software

Fluid data logo for Ugly Duckling SoftwareThe Ugly Duckling logo is dynamic and changes in relation to the Dutch AEX financial index. Whether the index is up, down, or the market is closed the logo will reflect this using the data source from Yahoo Finance. Ugly Duckling is the world’s first agile financial engineering consultancy based in Rotterdam. The website [...] Continue reading

Book presentation and talk at Permanent Gallery

Onomatopee 51: White Smoke
by Hexaplex
book and website launch
Saturday 21 August 2010
7 – 10pm
…Talk at 8pm
Many thanks to Laura Mousavi and Woodrow Kernohan.
more info
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Glamcult Studio

Together with Micha Bakker I recently finished designing a new interactive web presence coinciding with the re-branding of Glamcult Studio. The studio behind the blog Glamcult.

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Designhuis Lecture

Designhuis LectureYesterday evening Micha and I gave a small lecture about the project White Smoke at the Designhuis (Design House) in Eindhoven. It was a balmy summers evening so after the lecture we moved on for drinks at the Onomatpee project space, where our physical archive is currently being hosted. I was able to browse the [...] Continue reading

The Royal Palace Foundation

The Royal Palace FoundationIn 2008 Hexaplex were commissioned to design the first website for the Amsterdam Royal Palace Foundation. Resulting from a long and successful collaboration with Vanessa van Dam and Marianna van der Zwaag (Head of Cultural Service Amsterdam Royal Palace Foundation). In 2010 we were asked to re-design the website & E-Palace to promote the palaces [...] Continue reading

Publication: White Smoke

The White Smoke publication from Hexaplex is published and on sale at Onomatopee.

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Poetryfeeder is a digital poem using the Twitter open API. In collaboration with Leoneike Rammelt and David Kleinjan, we presented the digital poetry experiment at the 41st International Poetry Festival.  Supported by BKVB & FVDL. Continue reading

Digital Archive & Exhibition: White Smoke

Digital Archive & Exhibition: White SmokeWhite Smoke started as an online collection, it quickly grew into an exhibition and publication in collaboration with Onomatopee. In the White Smoke project man and machine meet: the audience engages a world of color codes and names. On the eve of the information era, White Smoke lays down poetic and semantic tensions between man [...] Continue reading

To Do

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Ten Bosch Initiative and Project Space

Ten Bosch Initiative and Project SpaceHexaplex translated an egalitarian & strictly minimalist approach to the web. The structural design of the site not only combines the design studio and the project space, but also separates them. Ten Bosch Initiatief is both a studio for multi-disciplinairy design in Amsterdam as well as a project space for art in Den Bosch. Continue reading

Global Design Research Network

Bringing a global offline network together online.
Introducing Reach Global Design Research Network.
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University of Amsterdam

University of AmsterdamWebsite and brochure for a research the research department ‘how babies learn’ at the Universtity of Amsterdam. In collaboration with Felicia Nitzsche. Continue reading

Krista van der Niet

One of my personal favourite works produced whilst working at Solar Initiative is the website for photographer Krista van der Niet. Together with Micha Bakker and Remco van Bladel.

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Europan 10!

Europan 10!Hexaplex were invited by Europan and Novak Ontwerp to design in collaboration a digital edition of the Europan 10! publication. Continue reading

diffusion transparency dither, pattern transparency dither, noise transparency dither

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this is the end (2009)

26 November 2009 at 18:40 I quit Facebook. “This is the end, my only friend, the end.”

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De Daily Whatever

De Daily WhateverDe Daily Whatever is a daily design newspaper during dutch design week. Hexaplex teamed up with Eric de Haas and Hugo Naber (The editors/design office) to design and produce the online edition. The production of this publication took place in the Van Abbe Museum during Dutch Design Week. The news was gathered on the spot [...] Continue reading

Solar Photography

Before freelancing as Hexaplex, I worked together with Micha Bakker at Solar Initiative, a photography and design agency. The website for the photography agency was the last project we worked on together with Solar Initiative.

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Itchy Scratchy

Itchy ScratchyHexaplex collaborated with Permanent Gallery on the online Itchy Scratchy Gallery. The title is taken from this quote by Charlotte Cotton, where she describes the pictures which break photographers out of familiar ways of working. The exhibition affirms the role that happy accidents and epiphanies play in creative activity. Many thanks to Laura Mousavi from [...] Continue reading

Vélo Silkscreen posters

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The Last New

The Last New is an independent graphic design company founded in 2008. Keeping office in Amsterdam, operating in the creative sector.
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