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Arrange the cooked porcini slices on plates. Sprinkle thecelery over the mushrooms. Drizzle olive oil over the salads(one to two teaspoons), followed by a squeeze of lemon juice.Sprinkle the pine nut mixture over the top. Garnish with cheeseshavings and celery and chervil leaves. (Reporting by Andrea Burzynski; Editing by Patricia Reaney andPaul Simao)

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Undated CCTV footage shows the woman sat fiddling with her device before a puff of smoke indicates the explosion has taken place and she is seen running off to put out the fairly large fire that has started in her face.

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China-based iResearch in July raised its 2014 growthforecast for China's online retail sales to 45.8 percent from32.4 percent. The consultancy forecast sales of 2.76 trillionyuan ($446.6 billion) for the year.


The militant group wants to seize the town to consolidate a dramatic sweep across northern Iraq and Syria. The advances by the group, which espouses a rigidly conservative brand of Islam, has sent shockwaves through the Middle East.

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"Recent price drops appear both supply and demand driven," the West's energy watchdog said in its monthly report. "Further oil price drops would likely be needed for supply to take a hit — or for demand growth to get a lift."

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"I doubt that it will have any headway," says Mary Cheh, professor of law at George Washington University. "It's a pretty vacant landscape in terms of courts that would rule this way."

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At the sentencing yesterday she said Pistorius had not expressed a desire to resume his athletic career, or discussed a new relationship reported by the South African press at the outset of the trial in March.

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"It had been speculated that Sonova's new product platformwould have been based on the same technology as GN's, 2.4gigahertz wireless technology, and that GN thereby would losesome of its differentiation from its competitors in the market,"said Morten Imsgard, an analyst at Sydbank.

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As for a more measurable effect, the Cardinals survived a 40-game period this season when Molina was out with a thumb injury, going 21-19. Matheny said his team took it as a challenge, in part because so much was made of Molina’s importance.

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Miss Gordimer’s story-telling is masterly, very stylish, for it is as if Mehring himself is relating the events. Time is handled deftly, so that people come and go as if drifting like thoughts through a man’s mind. He imports two sweet chestnut trees from Europe and tells his black farm manager, Jacobus:

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Ireland’s Finance Minister Michael Noonan is set to unveil next year’s budget today as the economy recovers and the nation looks to end the era of austerity. The budget may also include measures to tighten Ireland’s corporate tax system that has come under international scrutiny. Bloomberg’s Dara Doyle reports on “The Pulse.”

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It would be a threat good idea for the Government, especially the CDC worry more about doing their jobs and less about patting themselves on the back. The CDC Director should be renamed Mr. DON’TWORRYBEHAPPY. our lives are in the hands of arrogant clowns.

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The conflict between a person’s public and private role has been a pivot of drama from Greek tragedy to Japanese kabuki. But it is typical of Kazuo Ishiguro’s modest, oblique method that the hero (or anti-hero) through whom he illustrates this dilemma is not a politician or soldier but a discreet, near-extinct model: the English butler.


The farmers blame EU rules, implemented over the past few years, which mean that each sold horse needs to be fitted with a microchip and given a passport at a cost of 25. This, they say, is exacerbated by the fact only four animals can be transported in any one vehicle, so while prospective buyers used to come from all over the country, now they are mainly local.

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"We're changing the Earth. There is no question about that, I've seen it from space," said eight-time spacewalking astronaut John Grunsfeld, now associate administrator for science at NASA. He said that when he looked down from orbit, there was no place he could see on the planet that didn't have the mark of man. So he uses the term Anthropocene, he said, "because we're intelligent enough to recognize it."

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Realising that kids secretly message when they aren't supposed to and video messaging is a bit hard to do surreptitiously, Sierra's team has made sure the app will come with the ability to pre-record responses - probably best seen as visual emoji - that you can use to response with when you aren't able to record you own.

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According to Gazidis, the aim is to move from being “off the shoulder of the world’s top teams” to joining the likes of Barcelona, Real Madrid and Bayern Munich at the very top table of European football.

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The "New Members" program, which began in December 2012, was conceived when Mendez had an epiphany: his 3-year-old daughter could not sleep so he began putting on a CD of classical music and a few minutes later, she would nod off.

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U.S. President Barack Obama, who ordered a bombing campaign against Islamic State fighters that started in August, was to discuss the strategy on Tuesday with military leaders from 20 countries, including Turkey, Arab states and Western allies.

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"We explained they were now gone, and that they had not been a deliberate act. They didn't believe us, told us to leave town or face the consequences, we did that very thing and drove into a night of violent terror," he added.

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There is much talk in the book of the stone quarried for the majestic county courthouse in Cottonwood Falls, but at the heart of it maybe is the Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve a couple of miles north, outside Strong City.

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Later, we’d return there and amid spillover crowds all along, hustled toward one of the few tables open at Rio Grande, 1525 Blake. The green chile quest continued and their pork stew had no shortage of sting and savor. And my wife found the margaritas worth a double-take.

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There is the briefest pause – neither party has publicly confirmed their relationship – before she replies, ‘Yes. He is one of the most amazing men in the whole world, and that includes my grandfather and my brother. I think the world of him, and he’s an amazing person. That’s kind of all there is to it.’ Then her face flushes and she flings herself down on the couch, burying her face in a cushion. It’s a lovely, and real, reaction. The pop cultural phenomenon Ariana Grande is, still, just a girl.

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If your hands are full, this means you’re just as out of luck as if you had a key to jam into the lock, although at least you’re not having to carry around both keys and a phone. My husband, who has a keyless ignition on his car, would be all over this lock simply to eliminate some of his pocket clutter. I carry a small purse, so it’s not as big a deal to me. I also tend to forget my phone when I walk the dog on mornings when I don’t have a jacket, in part because none of my pockets are big enough to carry my giant phone.

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Ontiveros, who is also the director of the Sol de Mazatlan newspaper that shares a building with Fiesta Mexicana, said "as a media organization, we are demanding an end to this type of violence, these types of attacks, that threaten our safety as journalists."

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Mr Sharma's interest in forest-building began when he met Japanese forester Akira Miyawaki, who regenerates habitats by planting dozens of native species to create an ecosystem that can develop in 10 years.

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Still, Fisher said not to read anything into it, that he was starting Acy as a way to acquaint himself with Acy’s skill set, while Stoudemire is already “more of a known entity.” Fisher also said it was important to make sure Stoudemire is healthy when the regular season starts on Oct. 29 with a home game against Chicago because of his chronic knee troubles.

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This people-pleasing side goes against the recent tabloid narrative that enjoys painting Grande as a precocious ‘diva’. I certainly see no sign of it. Despite the (actually rather cool) love of ‘all things sci-fi and scary’, she appears too straight to wobble.

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"Social media helps the criminals pursue their trade, but it also leaves a digital footprint in evidence that provides opportunities for us," said Mark Rowley, assistant commissioner for specialist operations for London's Metropolitan Police.

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The FCA data showed RBS has examined 7,353 cases in thereview, far more than any other bank. HSBC has reviewed 3,160cases, Barclays 2,902 and Lloyds 1,638. But RBS has set asidejust 1.4 billion pounds to compensate customers, less than the1.5 billion set aside by Barclays. Lloyds has set aside 580million and HSBC 566 million.

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Tuesday's data comes a day after consumer price inflation, which the central bank tracks to set policy lending rates, dropped sharply to 6.46 percent in September, the lowest since the latest data series started in January 2012.

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"Directions to Tokenhouse's lodgings are given in Temporary Kings," Elwin Taylor, a Powell Society officer and a driving force behind the conference, told delegates. "But if you try to follow them you would certainly end up in a canal."

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From July to September, California took in $21.8 billion in taxes and other revenues for its general fund, $533 million above projections and $1.6 billion more than in the same period last year, Chiang said in a report released late last week.

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Shares in TSB, a "challenger" bank spun out fromLloyds, were last trading at 264p, just above theirJune IPO price of 260p but below the 280p that Lloyds soldadditional shares at last month. OneSavings shares areup 8 percent from their June debut, but have halved their IPOgains in the last month.

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"They (fraudsters) view the customer as the weakest link andthey are convincing customers they are the bank. They haveaccess to data in ways they never had before," Bruce Forbes,head of security investigations and digital forensics at RoyalBank of Scotland, said at last month's BBA conference.

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Ukraine, among the world's leading maize producers andexporters, could harvest 25.9 million tonnes of maize this yearcompared with a record 27.0 million tonnes in 2013, theconsultancy said in a statement.

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Unless they meet in the finals (Bovada betting odds places Brooklyn at 28/1 to win the Eastern Conference), the Nets won’t see Durant until the 2015-16 season. At that point, so long as their current plan holds form, they’ll be gearing up for a run at the biggest free agent not named LeBron James.

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Maybe none of those losses (except for Strahan) were the equivalent of losing Cruz, who might have been their most irreplaceable player behind Manning. But they all still provided a lesson that Manning summed up succinctly when he said, “The key is just to move on.”

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U.S. petroleum engineers and geologists developed the kingdom’s oil industry throughout the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s. The United States has had a discreet military presence since 1946 and the two countries were close allies throughout the Cold War in opposing the spread of communist influence through the Middle East.

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In a rare IEA comment on OPEC's strategy, its chief analyst Antoine Halff said the producer group may no longer be willing or able to adjust production as the market has been transformed by the U.S. shale oil revolution.

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At St. Louis City Hall, about 100 protesters blew whistles that echoed off the marble walls. Protest leader Kennard Williams presented a list of four demands to Jeff Rainford, chief of staff for Mayor Francis Slay. Slay was not in the office Monday.

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As is typical of Glass in his big works like "Einstein on the Beach" or "Akhnaten", a pulsating rhythm keeps the work moving along so the libretto by Christopher Hampton, despite its seeming wordiness, does not come across that way in performance.

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So-called hacktivists can break into financial systems to score political points while state-sponsored hackers can look to conduct industrial espionage or disrupt economic activity using banks as intermediate targets.

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The current Ebola outbreak is the worst on record and has killed more than 4,000 people, mostly in West Africa's Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea. Duncan, a Liberian, was exposed to Ebola in his home country and developed the disease while visiting the United States.

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The beheading of Alan Henning on the eve of the Eid al-Adha holiday, despite a widespread campaign emphasising his respect for Islam, should be a wake-up call to those who assume that IS might be swayed by calls for compassion.

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Shares in the Swiss company dropped almost 3 percent, as some analysts questioned whether the new products would help the firm recapture market share from rival GN Store Nord, whose Linx device allows users to stream voice and music from their iPhones without the need for an intermediary device.

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A: For dried mushrooms, you shouldn't accept a bag of brokenmushrooms because you never know what the quality was. Make sureyou see actual whole pieces of the mushroom or slices, so youcan make sure they weren't worm-eaten, nasty mushrooms when theywere dried. For fresh, same thing. You want to make sure they'renot moldy, not slimy, not completely dried out - the same thingsyou would look for in produce.

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The benchmark S&P closed below its 200-day moving averagefor the first time since Nov. 16, 2012 on Monday and is now down6.8 percent from its record closing high on September 18 onconcerns global economic weakness could hurt U.S. earnings andthe potential spread of Ebola.

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“I think my daughter is alive and needs help,” Mona says. “We don’t have the money to hire a private investigator. We are putting up signs and calling the local hospitals every day. She only has ID with her. She didn’t take any credit cards or a bank card, so it’s so difficult to know where she had been. Has someone taken her? We are praying for more help to find out daughter. We desperately need help and want the police to take this seriously.”

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He was suspended from 97.5 The Fanatic in Philadelphia for using homophobic language with a caller in emails. Of course, after news of the ban went public, he apologized profusely, similar to what he did on Sunday night.

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In conclusion to his concerns on Conservative plans for devolved income tax, and the subsequent prevention of Scottish MPs voting on budget matters, Mr Brown said "nations can collapse by accident" and "unions can disintegrate".

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William Hague claims the First Minister is looking to create a sense of grievance among Scots after he claims they are 'fizzing' over the early steps to devolve more powers and refuses to rule out a second referendum.

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Arguing against a prison term, correctional services social worker Joel Maringa said Pistorius was a "co-operative" person who should be sentenced to three years of "correctional supervision", which would mean the athlete would have to spend a portion of the day at home.

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Replacing Cruz on the field will be hard enough and Coughlin said all options are open for discussion. Maybe rookie Odell Beckham becomes the new Cruz and shifts inside to play slot receiver. Maybe fourth-year veteran Preston Parker steps into that role. Or maybe they just figure it out as they go with Beckham, Parker and Rueben Randle all trying to pick up the slack.

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After starting the season 0-6 last year, Coughlin is more aware of his team's psyche than ever before. There's a slim chance they can rebound this week already, especially if they're still trash talking heading into Dallas.

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• Planned changes to the curriculum have been drawn up but often lack the detail required to ensure that “effective action will be taken to ‘actively promote’ fundamental British values and tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs”;

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The dishonorable North Vietnamese had other ideas. They not only knew that America was weary of war and that Congress would never reverse the troop withdrawal, but also that Ford was no Nixon. Nixon had cultivated the image of being just a touch mad — what later came to be called his “madman theory” of foreign policy. He wanted America’s adversaries to think he was capable of anything — including the use of nuclear weapons. In 1969, he had even ordered a worldwide nuclear alert. It rattled the Soviet Union. It was a feint, but it made a point. The American President would not be trifled with.

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Roberts finally got called onto the administrative carpet, such as it is, earlier this year, leading to a 18-day tribunal and 188-page decision; due process that would be the envy of many criminal defendants.

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An “autumn vegetable stock” came next, cooked with the sort of precision you expect from the disciples of molecular gastronomy (“80 degrees for three hours”). It was crystal clear, with an unusual, almost gelatinous consistency, and bursting with 10 or more individually distinguishable flavours.

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"We have to rethink the way we address Ebola infection control. Even a single infection is unacceptable," Dr. Thomas Frieden, director of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, told reporters. "The care of Ebola is hard. We're working to make it safer and easier."

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"We played a good, hard game, lots of good scoring opportunities, but a 1-0 game is a tough game to lose," he said. "When (Anderson) plays well and you've got no luck, things don't go in the net ... you just have to keep grinding it out."

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Riccardo Barbieri, chief European economist at Mizuho International, talks with Guy Johnson about Germany challenging European Central Bank President Mario Draghi’s bond-buying program in a European Union court and how it can impact the European economy

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Jackson was engaging and witty during his talk and even mingled with the crowd afterward and signed autographs. Earlier, he recalled visiting the Garden two seasons ago to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the 1973 championship team.

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When the Hong Kong Transition Project, which has been monitoring public opinion since the handover, asked people last April what was the most important thing they would like to see protected and promoted, 65 percent said “Hong Kong’s identity as pluralistic and international.” Only 4 percent responded “China’s identity as ruled by the Communist party.”

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Sysco in December offered $3.5 billion to buy debt-ridden USFoods from its private equity owners in a deal that wouldcombine the top two U.S. food distributors and create a companycommanding at least a quarter of the $235 billion North Americanmarket.

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David McCorquodale, head of retail at KPMG, said: “The prolonged Indian summer wilted retail sales in September, leaving clothing retailers hot under the collar. Selling woolly jumpers in warm weather is a tough ask, even for the most talented of sales staff.

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Ireland’s Finance Minister Michael Noonan is set to unveil next year’s budget today as the economy recovers and the nation looks to end the era of austerity. The budget may also include measures to tighten Ireland’s corporate tax system that has come under international scrutiny. Bloomberg’s Dara Doyle reports on “The Pulse.”

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Since the replacement of James Reilly as Minister by Leo Varadkar, there is now some uncertainty over the timescale for the introduction of UHI, with the new Minister concentrating initially on providing free GP care for the whole population.

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Christine Phillips, 38, of Chagford, is one loyal customer. Last year she bought a small pony at 150 guineas for her four-year-old daughter Merryn, and another for her nine-year-old son Archie. Both children ride their ponies and Merryn’s, called Mouse, is appearing as a reindeer in the village Christmas celebrations.

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In the eastern Habibiya district, police said 15 people died and 34 were wounded when a suicide bomber rammed his explosive-laden car into a police checkpoint. Earlier in the day, a car bomb struck near a bus stop in northern Baghdad, killing 11 and wounding 22. And in the sprawling district of Sadr City, a bomb hidden in a vegetable cart killed four and wounded 18.

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The CDC is monitoring all hospital workers who treated Duncan and planned to "double down" on training and outreach on how to safely treat Ebola patients, Frieden said. He could not provide a number of health care workers under surveillance.

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"Without denying the moral problems connected to homosexual unions it has to be noted that there are cases in which mutual aid to the point of sacrifice constitutes a precious support in the life of the partners," the document said.

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"No Sanctuary" was as grim and brutal as any episode we've seen, with moments so dark they make past nightmares, like confronting the barn full of walkers on Hershel's farm back in Season 2, seem like something out of a Hallmark Channel movie.

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Oct. 12 - U.S. officials say a health care worker in Dallas tests positive for Ebola, becoming the first person known to have contracted the deadly virus in the United States. The worker is later identified as Nina Pham, a nurse who became infected while caring for Thomas Eric Duncan at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital.

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A startup called BadgerHunt is claiming to give people a way to earn bitcoins by becoming walking advertisements, by wearing tee shirts or caps bearing corporate logos or putting a bumper sticker on their car.

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Soon we were barreling skywards in the Cement Mixer to the crest of the Front Range, just west of town. It was cool and sunny at 9,000 feet when we stepped out for gas, and then a couple of hours of jaw-dropping views and a handful of slowdowns for construction, we’d come down on the dry side of the Continental Divide, with some redrock mixing in with the green of the pines as we settled down into our second Colorado stop, Glenwood Springs.

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The cane adds credibility to the rumor that Kim injured an ankle seriously, perhaps from his weight and lack of exercise or maybe he is just naturally clumsy and prone to minor injuries as a result. No North Korean though would dare tell jokes like those used against former President Gerald Ford about his less than inspiring golf game. It would be suicide in North Korea to do that. It is likely most if not all who wondered about his lack of public appearances kept the concern to themselves.

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He said the definition of lawful killing had been "rolled up with unlawful killing", with the result that elements of what amounted to "lawful killing" were not properly delineated for the jurors, leaving it open to them wrongly to bring in the lawful killing verdict.

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Asked about German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble'sopposition to a debt-financed infrastructure drive, Sapin saidone option that ministers had discussed was to increase againthe capital of the European Investment Bank.

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"The shafts we are designing today will be in operation for 50 years and one has to take a view on whether rock drillers will be available, and whether using people in that way will still be acceptable," said Implats spokesman Johan Theron.

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As her tarted-up team subsequently attempt to run, with comical ungainliness, in their ridiculous teetering heels, they resemble disturbingly vulnerable foals rather than business hotshots.

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Still, Fisher said not to read anything into it, that he was starting Acy as a way to acquaint himself with Acy’s skill set, while Stoudemire is already “more of a known entity.” Fisher also said it was important to make sure Stoudemire is healthy when the regular season starts on Oct. 29 with a home game against Chicago because of his chronic knee troubles.

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The top three scorers retained their positions from 2013, with 82.4 for Denmark, 79.9 for Australia, and 79.2 for the Netherlands. The rankings are based on factors such as adequacy, sustainability and integrity of the retirement income system.

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In 2011 and 2012, Ohio federal and state courts agreed,citing evidence that suggested Gillispie did not fit victims'description of the attacker and noting a dearth of physicalevidence linking him to the crimes.

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So-called hacktivists can break into financial systems toscore political points while state-sponsored hackers can look toconduct industrial espionage or disrupt economic activity usingbanks as intermediate targets.

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In markets where Vodafone does not have its own fixed-lineinfrastructure, it provides the service by wholesaling it fromrivals, cutting the profits it can make. In response, it hasbought cable operator Ono in Spain and Kabel Deutschland inGermany and been linked with a bid for Fastweb in Italy, whilebuilding its own network in other markets.

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Radio is more cost-effective, argues DMI's Innovation Manager Cathryn Wood, than other health initiatives like touring theatre and video screenings - which may only reach a few hundred people at a time, or poster campaigns - where illiteracy can be an obstacle.

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The newly merged company's stock, traded under the symbol FCAU, opened at $9 and rose quickly to $9.55 before falling much of the day. The stock closed at $8.92 as the Dow Jones industrial average slumped 222 points in a late slide.


"The North has been on a diplomatic offensive in Europe and elsewhere, it feels isolated — and is, if we're talking about relations with Washington," he wrote. "All this puts them back on the front page."

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Mortgage lending rose by $1 billion from the second quarterto $48 billion, though new home loans were 40 percent below thelevel in the third quarter of 2013. Income from mortgage bankingrose 2 percent to $1.63 billion as Wells Fargo earned biggerprofits from selling home loans to investors.

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Fay knocked power out for at least 18,000 homes in Bermuda in the early hours of Sunday, officials said. Crews worked through the night to restore electricity after severe winds brought down power lines. Trees were also uprooted, including at Government House, where the British governor resides, and road signs were brought down.

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It’s not what he says but the fact he’s a human, high-decibel screech machine. CBSSN should put a pane of glass in front of him. As soon as Smoot opens his mouth, it will shatter. TOPS has top production talent. Maybe they should advise Smoot (duh) to turn down the volume before he cracks a camera lens.

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While the drop in prices has caused concern in some OPECcountries, the chance of collective action looks unlikely.Kuwait said on Sunday OPEC was unlikely to cut production, whileSaudi Arabia told OPEC that it raised output in September.

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The Jets’ situation at cornerback is pretty desperate. On the team’s second defensive series Darrin Walls and Phillip Adams — both expected to be reserves when the season began — were on the field.

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Ryan’s Monday morning comedy routine kicked into high gear when he got to Geno Smith, the second-round quarterback who ranks near or at the bottom of nearly every meaningful statistical category. “You’ve got Geno Smith, a starting quarterback in this league that I think has upside,” Ryan said amazingly without breaking a smile. “So I think that’s a great pick.”

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But if you’ve written a romance of expat life, what are the odds that a UK agent or publisher will want it? While having characters move abroad can provide a good source of conflict for any novelist, have Janet and Angela been exceptionally lucky? Is it just wishful thinking that readers are intrigued by stories of the heroine finding her feet in a new country?

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Demonstrations also spilled to St. Louis’ football stadium, where protesters briefly unfurled a banner reading “Rams fans know on and off the field black lives matter” during the local team’s Monday night loss against the San Francisco 49ers.

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It is a cruel twist that Liberia and Sierra Leone have been worst affected by the deadliest ever Ebola outbreak, as the two countries were still recovering from brutal civil wars that decimated their infrastructure in the 1990s when the disease hit.

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** Just Retirement Group said it had completed itslargest ever defined benefit pension de-risking deal and wasconfident of meeting its full-year sales targets. The 75 millionpounds ($120 million) deal was structured as a buy-in deal andcontracted in September, it said.

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Mike Williams, a former No. 1 receiver in Tampa who was traded to the Buffalo Bills this offseason, has officially requested a trade, and the Daily News has learned the Giants have “some” interest in acquiring him. The details make the possibility seem like a longshot, but given how shorthanded their receiving corps is with Cruz out for the season, a team source said they will likely at least explore it.

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Republican Senator John McCain, a frequent Obama critic, said on Sunday that "they're winning and we're not," referring to Islamic State. The United Nations said on Monday that fighting in Iraq's western Anbar province had forced up to 180,000 people to flee after Islamic State, also known as ISIS, captured the city of Hit.

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Obama will attend a meeting led by General Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, with foreign defense chiefs at Andrews Air Force Base outside Washington at 3 p.m. EDT to discuss the coalition's work.

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The title is one of her father's favourite expressions, meant to encourage her to avoid unnecessary perfectionism. "He would say: 'Anita, when you try something out, it only has to be good enough for the bastards'," she told Reuters.

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However, other sectors could reap the benefits of climatechange. The trend towards lighter vehicles for increased fuelefficiency, smaller cars and electric cars could be advantageousfor the automotive industry, for example.

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"There is confusion among the good guys on the internet between anonymity and privacy. I don't think they are the same. I think that you have right to privacy but that doesn't mean that you have the right to anonymity," he said.

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Any plans for widebody aircraft would mark a switch inIndiGo's business model, which has so far focused on domesticand international flights of up to five hours, and make it thefirst Indian long-haul, low-cost airline.

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Kerridge’s comments were nothing if not contentious. But he was tapping into a complex set of preconceptions that influence most people’s attitude towards men and women in the kitchen.

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A: It's basically my first favorite food ... It also seemed like it was a good time to write a book about mushrooms because so many mushrooms are hitting the shelves now that people don't know what the hell they are, or what to do with them.

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Just how they’ll do that going forward is anyone’s guess, especially after the 27-0 beating they got from the Eagles. Their offense that had looked so good the last three weeks fell apart behind their suddenly crumbling offensive line. They were going to have trouble getting things back in order before their game in Dallas next Sunday anyway.

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John Boyle, Rettie’s director of research and strategy, said LBTT was a “further tax on the squeezed middle”. He added: “This is not a tax take that is most affecting the ‘super rich’, but rather those purchasing fairly modest family homes.

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In the financial crisis of 2008, for example, stocks lost 37%, while a broad portfolio of investment-grade taxable bonds gained 5.2%. So a mix of 75% stocks and 25% bonds would have lost roughly 27%. If a loss of that size would have had you dumping the stock portion of your portfolio, then you may be better off in a tamer blend, say, 50% stocks and 50% bonds, which would have declined 16%.

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Unsworth's plot is a nuts-and-bolts affair of cliffhangers, catastrophes and unexpected revelations - a page-turner. Subtler games are played with the characterisation of the main players; the sympathies elicited are often surprising. The research is meticulous. Pages are 'chalked', masts 'stepped in', faces 'masked with fard'. The pocked face of the age emerges out of a prose style teeming with well-marshalled details.

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It would be one thing if such rates were paid primarily to teenagers in summer jobs. But in today’s economy, more and more adults are trying to support families with jobs in retail, fast food and other fields where keeping compensation as a low as possible has become a business model.

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"While we've not got growth, what we've been able to do isdo better than our rivals," he said, adding that it had takentime to figure out how to sell multiple products. "We think itwill go back to growth in the next 12 to 18 months."

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It found that 25 forces had a dedicated undercover online capability, 13 further forces worked with neighbouring forces on the issue and five forces did not have any undercover online capability at all.

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Mr Hammond hopes that all of Iraq’s leaders will grasp the stark fact that the future of their country is at risk. Then they might show the requisite level of resolve and conciliation.