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The main political opposition in Turkey, the Republican People’s Party, has also accused the government of being fixated on the fall of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and of turning a blind eye to the “enemy of its enemy,” even when that enemy is the Islamic State.

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The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) last year orderedbanks to review 29,500 cases for possible mis-selling afterfinding "serious failings" in how interest rate swaps were soldto small businesses.

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“We rent a field and keep them in there but they don’t need rugs or shoes. They are just the nicest animals, and it is the best money we have ever spent. They are very mild-mannered and hardy.”

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He added those who had objected to receiving the album automatically "had a point", with the system subverting the tradition of "anointing" musicians the public loves by buying their music.

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The education watchdog said "very little action" had been taken to address major failings at five Birmingham schools suspected of being subjected to an alleged takeover plot by hard-line Muslims.

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The researchers acknowledged that cognitive functioning generally decreases as people age. However, they found that older people living in disadvantaged areas had a greater risk of developing cognitive dysfunction, ranging from mild cognitive impairment to dementia, than those living in less deprived areas.

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He rattled the post with a free-kick a minute before opening the scoring in the 18th minute when he rounded Japan goalkeeper Eiji Kawashima and lashed the ball into an empty net after being put clear by Diego Tardelli.

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Some doctors may be hesitant to suggest these types of treatment if a woman is pregnant due to concerns over the potential effect they may have on an unborn baby. Belgian researchers decided to investigate this further.

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Israel said it was allowing in 600 tonnes of cement, 50 truckloads of gravel and 10 truckloads of steel into Gaza for rebuilding homes and public buildings, shipments being monitored by the U.N. and the Palestinian Authority.

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A cover of thick, dense cold gas blankets the formations and emits 21 percent of the universe’s UV rays in deep space. That’s a very high percentage according to Brian Siana of the University of California, Riverside. He estimates that all galaxies in the early universe would have needed this amount of UV rays in order to ionize the hydrogen to form what we see today.

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His work should benefit people like 36-year-old clothing designer Elisa Bertero, who has a prescription to take medical marijuana to relieve her fibromyalgia, a syndrome that causes body-wide pain in joints, muscles, and tendons.


(Corrects paragraph 8 to say "which carries an exclusiveassortment of Disney merchandise" from "which is the only U.S.department store retailer carrying an exclusive assortment ofDisney merchandise." Adds link to corrected press release.)

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Over the concerns of nervous passengers, the captain announced that the flight would continue on to Dallas because the pressure inside the cabin was stable, but he changed his mind and decided to make the emergency landing after he saw the damaged panels for himself, according to Wilson.

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Banks have long been the favorite target of cyber criminals -- although retailers, healthcare firms and others have also been hit -- with attacks including attempts to steal money, client data or confidential information about sensitive financial deals, or just trying to disrupt systems.

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“They’re not saying anything racist, they’re not saying we don’t want a black baby,” Barrow said of Cramblett and Zinkon, who profess their love for their now 2-year-old daughter. “They’re saying, we asked for something, you gave us something different, and now we have to adjust to that.”

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Meanwhile the US and Saudi Arabia launched fresh airstrikes against Islamic State targets near the besieged town of Kobani in Syria. They are understood to have hit units and destroyed a machine gun firing position.

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There is a “serious lack of vision about the UK’s place in the world” which means that our foreign policy is essentially “to play the cards as they fall”. Without a world view, Shaw asks how immediate challenges can be addressed in any coherent way. He adds: “The audience are fed up with fudge. Not only is the security of the UK at stake in the SDSR but also the credibility of our political class.”

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"Recent price drops appear both supply and demand driven,"the IEA said in its monthly oil market report. "Further oilprice drops would likely be needed for supply to take a hit - orfor demand growth to get a lift."

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Broadcast radio in general remains robust, with 90pc of adults tuning in every week according to Ofcom, and overall listening down only 6pc since 2008. However the smartphone boom has seen listening by younger Britons fall more rapidly amid competition from mobile games and online video. On average, 15 to 24-year-olds listen to 13pc less radio than they did in 2008.

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The story of the world is littered with the corpses of clever, charismatic women. To make your mark pretty consistently over the past 3,500 years, as a female of the species you have had to be extra special; and being special in historical times usually led to the cold embrace of an early grave.

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The commander of U.S. Pacific Command this week ordered the USS Peleliu and another warship to stay in the former U.S. base of Subic Bay until after the end of the investigation into the murder of Jeffrey Laude, 26, who was found strangled on Saturday in nearby Olongapo City.

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September's inflation figures are no longer as critical as they were. They used to determine the level of a wide range of benefits. But most are now subject to the cap of a 1% annual rise, which began in April 2013. If the Conservatives win the next election, those same benefits will also be subject to a two-year freeze.

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Nothing hurt the Giants more on Sunday night at Lincoln Financial Field. A week’s worth of trash talk and Jason Pierre-Paul’s bad math ended in the worst possible fashion: With a 27-0 shutout loss to the rival Philadelphia Eagles, and a heart-wrenching moment in the third quarter, when the heart and soul of the Giants’ receiving corps crumpled to the ground, his season over.

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"Refusing the rights and responsibilities afforded by legal marriage sends the public a government-sponsored message that same-sex couples and their familial relationships do not warrant the status, benefits and dignity given to couples of the opposite sex," Burgess wrote in his ruling.

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Aside from one noteworthy annoyance (which I’ll get to in the “This is Weird” section of this review), the screen impresses. The 1920 x 1200 full HD display is an improvement over the first Hudl and is bright and colourful with viewing angles wide enough for a couple of people to gather around.

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Life of Pi never really comes alive in the emotional sense. It is more a novel of proposition and conjecture, a series of narrative questions and solutions. You discover the reason for this only in the last few pages, when Pi offers an alternative explanation to up-end your assumptions. A cloud covers the sun and there is the possibility of a darkness so complete as to be absolutely nihilistic.

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"I am confident the second half will be better than thefirst," Davis said, adding it aimed to return to profit growthnext year aided by reduced costs from a store rollout programmethat will stop with the opening of its Paris flagship in 2015.

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The infants were also more likely to be found on their side. Surfaces often slope toward the back of the sofa allowing infants to easily roll and wedge between the cushions, the researchers write in the journal Pediatrics.

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The Catalan regional government and other nationalist political groups formulated the referendum's two questions in December. The first is: "Do you want Catalonia to be a state?" If the answer to that is yes, a second question follows: "Do you want that state to be independent?" According to Mas, these questions will remain intact for the alternative referendum he is planning.

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He was described as “one of the most influential economists of our time,” by the jury which added that regulators and competition authorities have obtained, “a whole new set of tools,” from his work.

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Unfortunately, this isn’t an exaggeration. French men, even the oh-so-chic, Cafe Flore-haunting male counterparts to our glamorous and thin authors, still speak — and think — in such overtly sexual terms. This handsome coffee-table book is, in effect, a geisha manual. “Have flowers delivered to yourself, then thank him for them, to make him believe you have a lover”, is another piece of advice.

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A ruthless, scatological and no-holds barred look at the British phone-hacking scandal and at media ethics in general, the play moved last month to London's main theater district after a successful run at the National Theatre.

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In a 43-page order published on Monday, SEBI said DLF, its founder and chairman KP Singh and five other company executives would be barred from "buying, selling or otherwise dealing in securities".

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In early U.S. trading, the 30-year Treasuries yield touched a session low of 2.943 percent at 5:59 a.m.(0959 GMT), according to Reuters data. This compared with aclosing level of 3.009 percent on Friday.

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We had a busy time in Boulder - and a lot of visitors (David Botti, Franz Strasser, Anthony Zurcher and Lindle Markwell all joined us from the Washington bureau, while Jack Garland popped in for a brief stint from our LA office). We've compiled all our video features here.

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When someone coughs, sneezes or, in the case of Ebola, vomits, he releases a spray of secretions into the air. This makes the infection droplet-borne. Some hospital procedures, like placing a breathing tube down a patient’s air passage to help him breathe, may do the same thing.

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“The petition is out there, so there’s nothing we can do about it now. The best we can hope for [from people who receive a link to the petition] is that they read about the case before deciding to sign it.”

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The kingdom is sometimes likened to a central bank managing the global oil market, adding or withdrawing supplies to control prices. But that vastly overstates the degree of influence, let alone control, which the kingdom can really exercise over the market.

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Kazakhstan has officially forecast 6 percent growth thisyear, but Economy Minister Yerbolat Dosayev said last week thatthe government would slash its growth forecasts for this yearand for 2015-17 due to the slowdown in Russia, which someeconomists say is set for a period of stagnation, and due to thedrop in oil prices.

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The screening at Heathrow is being carried out by staff from Public Health England, though the initial point of contact for passengers with connecting flights from West African countries is with immigration staff.

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The exclamation point has long been seen as a marker of loudness or excitement, but its emotional range is more complex than that. In digital communication it has become a sincerity marker. In an email, where it might seem a little too informal to just leave off end punctuation, the exclamation point serves as a solution to the problem of the angry period. This comes off dry, cold, and little sarcastic: "I am looking forward to the meeting." But with the exclamation point — "I am looking forward to the meeting" — it is warm and sincere. It adds not a shout, but a genuine smile.

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A short piece of Louisiana history for you - the team's moniker is supposedly a reference to the state's Confederate heritage. All Louisiana infantry in the army of Northern Virginia became known as the Tigers during the Civil War in recognition of the bravery of two New Orleans brigades - the Tiger Rifles and the Washington Artillery (whose logo featured a snarling tiger's head).

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By now, banks have usually sold the houses. But the proceeds of those sales were often not enough to cover the amount of the loan, plus penalties, legal bills and fees. The two big government-controlled housing finance companies, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, as well as other mortgage players, are increasingly pressing borrowers to pay whatever they still owe on mortgages they defaulted on years ago.

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On Sunday, health officials announced that a nurse at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas became the first person to contract Ebola in the United States. The nurse had treated Thomas Eric Duncan, the Liberian national who two weeks ago was the first person in the United States diagnosed with the hemorrhagic fever. Duncan died last week.