Digital Archive & Exhibition: White Smoke

Digital Archive & Exhibition: White Smoke

White Smoke started as an online collection, it quickly grew into an exhibition and publication in collaboration with Onomatopee.

In the White Smoke project man and machine meet: the audience engages a world of color codes and names. On the eve of the information era, White Smoke lays down poetic and semantic tensions between man and machine! White Smoke encourages the audience to enter the information society with human, poetical effort!

Kunstvlaai 2010
Saturday May 15th – Sunday May 23rd
Opening Saturday May 15th, 16:00


White Smoke website

List of HTML color names

Collection of associations and memories.

White Smoke publication can be ordered at:


*White Smoke is a web colour with a hexadecimal value of  “#F5F5F” or a RBG value of  “245, 245, 245”.

Made possible by Fonds BKVB

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